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Kids will engage in imaginative role play while tapping into key creativity insights for incorporating challenging interactions, healthy competition with elements of customization and collectiblity. Low Mess, No Crumbling, No color transfer, Gritty Texture, Heavier for easy stacking & building. The KDU (Keystone Design Union) Design & Communication Agency based in Brooklyn, New York, return with another range of Addict Co-lab Artist tees, led by KDU founder David Gensler.
This latest Addict X KDU project has a real feel of Americana with a heavy dose of NYC vintage flavour mixed in, the customised graphics are executed with true authenticity and quality which is second to none. All UK orders for items held in stock and placed before 10:00am are dispatched on the same day but this can vary during busy periods. The most successful strategy I have used was getting the learners on board with completing homework as an enjoyable and creative task; they had to focus on *thinking* during the process and then display the product of that thought as a piece of art work.
For example, I have set tasks about Marxism, (linked to an exam question) where my learners could chose to create a mind-map, write an essay, make a stop-motion video or make a fake-book. 5- Stop motion videos or video reports, then can then be integrated into AR using Aurasma to allow students to reflect on their own work. Yes we want them to hand in their best work, but there is no reason why their best work should look the same as everyone else’s best work. In setting creative tasks that develop learners knowledge and skills, and allowing them more choice in how they express their work, I have improved handwork hand in rates. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Homework hand in rates have been a historical issue highlighted as requiring action that have caused me to develop some strategies for improving hand-in rates, with a view for positively impacting on the retention, achievement and outcomes for my learners.

I called this piece of work DESTROY homework, as it was inspired by the work of the photographer, Rankin.
The hand in rate was close to 100% and the time and effort that the students took over their work was staggering.
I also realised something else that has guided my teaching practice since: choice in task and expression of homework tasks is key to getting students to complete tasks to the best of their ability.
They then upload whatever they have done to the VLE, and best work is displayed on the course page as a guide for other learners about the level of work and care they should aspire to. I am sure there are hundreds more ways of creating choice in how students complete and present homework.
The skills my students require are mostly higher order, specifically evaluative for the exam. He encouraged celebrities to destroy a photograph of themselves he had taken in order to say something more about them than the superficial image on its own would show.
Students were invited to vote for their favourite, with the winner basking in the glory of peer approval. I’m sure you already set differentiated tasks based on ability, however I would encourage you to set a choice of tasks, with the students have the option to attempt a more challenging task. This celebrates the achievements of individuals, but also works to encourage peer engagement with homework as well as embedding ICT skills.
This year I think I am going to have four options for how each task can be competed, with two being digital. Example- Rage Against the Machine to express a students dislike of Althusser’s Repressive State Apparatus.

Of course my learners also have to write up exam questions and complete more traditional academic style work too, but giving them this choice engaged and encouraged buy-in to the importance of completing homework. I would be interested to hear any more ideas you might have about tasks I could set and adapt- I am really eager to develop my practice more in this area. Homework tasks should therefore promote both knowledge and skills, as well as deepen their appreciation of the subject. The task demanded that they applied knowledge of the theorists, and it also stretched their evaluative skills as the final pieces were commentaries on the effectiveness and usefulness of the theorists, often in relation to other theoretical perspectives.
The majority of my students are not art or ICT students, but I have found that by recognising that everyone can be creative in their own way, and able to express their academic ideas creatively, I have had most successes with raising homework completion. The students themselves were quick to point to particularly creative or expressive work, with many asking to do more work once they had been inspired. They might fail at the harder task, but it gives them a realistic view of the harder work they will need to complete to achieve higher grades and make more progress.
If you are going to the trouble of setting homework that matters, that is differentiated and will further the progress of your learners nothing much short of 100% handed in, on time, done to the best of the learners ability is good enough.
In addition to this giving them a choice of how they display their own work caters for individual preference – and can allow weaker students to develop confidence by building on existing skills, and push the more able students to experiment with new ones.

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