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This article has been updated to reflect the recent change to the profile image sizes on Facebook.
On March 30, 2012, all Facebook Pages were converted to the timeline layout with the cover photo. This how-to guide is designed to help Facebook Pages create a cover image that looks professional, makes a great first impression, and markets your branda€™s best assets — without violating the Facebook Pages Terms. While Facebook allows Page admins to simply choose a photo from an existing photo album, doing this is probably not going to give you a professional-looking image that makes your business look terrific. Chances are that your existing photos were not composed to take advantage of the unusual shape of a Facebook cover photo. These rules are directly aimed at deterring effective marketing a few techniques that are still being used on some Facebook Pages. In other words, Facebook wants your Page cover photo to be an eye-catching photograph, not an advertisement or wordy graphic. The Facebook cover photo is not a common image size, and the rectangular composition includes a cut-out for your profile icon in the lower left corner. This means the best-looking cover photos tend to be images that are designed to take advantage of the cover photoa€™s exact size and shape. Screenshot measurements reveal that only 314 pixels are displayed from a 315-pixel image upload.
Images are a powerful way to create an emotional state, so your Page’s cover photo should embody the essence of your brand. Use high-quality photographs that are in focus, have balanced color and good lighting, or use photo editing software to optimize your images.
Your company logo should appear somewhere, usually in your profile icon, in which case it is not needed as an extra graphic in your cover photo. If you havena€™t yet converted your Page to Facebook timeline, click the a€?Previewa€? button, then click the a€?Add a Covera€? button. If you are replacing an existing cover photo, mouse over your cover photo so that the a€?Change Covera€? button appears in the lower right corner; click it.

Select a€?Upload Photo,a€? find the image file on your computer, then click the a€?Save Changesa€? button. Thanks for this post Danielle, I’m still working on with my FB cover with this new Feature Timeline. One thing I like about this article that I haven’t seen on most of the templates is the specification for the placement of the profile image.
Sonia edited this article for me, but the timing is definitely thanks to her for publishing it! Great information, I couldn’t figure out the dimensions of the image, so you post was just what the designer needed, thanks.
I decided to brand it using the same theme from my twitter, which is consistent with my website.
Linda, the URL above does not work, so I could not view your Facebook Page, but I think I can answer your question.
Create Facebook New Account right now with quick steps you can find here to create your first Facebook account easily. This entry was posted in Facebook new account, New Facebook account and tagged Facebook, Facebook New Account, facebook new account create now, facebook new account open, facebook new account registration, New Facebook Account, new facebook create now on October 16, 2014 by admin. Love those funny facebook comments on status fails or a funny twitter reply thread or those funny autocorrect iphone text conversations. Youa€™re also missing out on the opportunity to combine multiple photos and text into a full page banner image. 29, 2012, they also updated their Facebook Pages Terms with new guidelines for cover photos.
There are free tools online that will allow you to create collages, but the best and most custom results theoretically would come from hiring a professional designer.
I designed a cover photo for a painting studio with the intent to change their featured paintings to reflect the seasons. I created my first cover a couple of weeks ago, after reading this Ia€™m inspired to start work on version 2!

You may try placing your words down the right edge instead of the left, then it wouldn’t get covered by your profile image and I think it would still have the same branding impact.
You’ll notice that on the right side a form where you enter your personal details appear, start writing your name on the white boxes where appropriate, will also be asked to place your email address and create a password (create a password that is easy for remember that, whether you have problems in access your account later) you ever put your password in the box below to verify that both match.
A test with a 314-pixel tall image became distorted when uploaded, so do upload a 315-pixel tall image even though only the bottom 314 pixels will be displayed.
Also, the way you are gazing up in your profile icon helps draw attention up to your cover photo. In a comment above, Rosie reminded me about an idea for seasonal image updates, which would probably work well for your business, too.
I couldn’t find a good template online, and some conflicted each other about the exact size, so I ended up making my own layered PSD file based on screenshots and lots of test images uploaded to my own Page. I found a lot of conflicting information online, even in Facebook’s own Help section. To edit it, first, make sure you are logged in as the Page administrator so you can make edits.
It is a space where users can interact in many ways up photographs, videos or posting things that might be interesting to other people. I had to take actual screenshot measurements and do a few upload tests in order to figure all of this out. Live a unique experience in Facebook right now neglected’ll show you how to create an account on Facebook. Usually you have your Facebook new account email address set up just enough to get your email and confirming your account for security reasons.

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