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How to Create a Logo in Adobe Illustrator: 12 Steps - wikiHow is great image for your collection and this design is free to use with high definitions resolution. Follow this step by step Illustrator tutorial to create a cool ribbon style logo graphic with gradients and effects in Adobe Illustrator.
Usually a logo project would involve lots of research in order to develop a brand that reflects the company, but for this tutorial we’ll focus just on the practical task of building a cool looking graphic in Illustrator. Press CMD+C to Copy then Paste in Front (CMD+F) a duplicate of the rectangle then select the top two points of the overlapping rectangle with the Direct Selection tool. Repeat the process to extend the ribbon, then add one final diagonal rectangle to finish the left edge. Make a copy of a single diagonal rectangle and go to Object > Transform > Reflect and select the Vertical axis to flip the shape for the opposite side.
Blending each colour with the next helps enhance the flow of colour across the logo, while the dark to light tones on each rectangle help give the design a slight three dimensional appearance. On the last piece choose the lightest colour from the palette but add a shadow effect by blending the gradient to a darker tone. Click & drag with the Gradient tool to adjust the angle of the gradients to flow with the orientation of each rectangle to best see the blend of colour. Select each of the vertical rectangles and give them the same gradient fill as the nearest rectangle using the eyedropper tool. The logo design looks pretty cool with the gradient effects helping the design stand out and jump off the screen. Draw a circle somewhere on the artboard and give it a black to transparent radial gradient fill.
Reduce the opacity of the shadow to around 15% then position it under one of the rectangles’ bottom edges. Hold ALT and Shift while dragging the shape to create a duplicate and position shadow graphics along the whole bottom edge.
A flat logo is useful for small scales where the gradients and effects wouldn’t reproduce well. A mono version is useful for when the logo is being placed on unusual backgrounds where the primary logo would be lost.
Deselect everything then select just the upright rectangles and the last diagonal segment and create a new Compound Path. Shift-Select both compound paths then hit the Subtract option from the Pathfinder palette to punch out the offset shapes from the original rectangles to leave a stroke effect. This leaves the cool ribbon style logo design complete and ready to send off to our fictional client.
Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. I love your design actually I was confused about my website logo but after watching here I can say I can make logo very easily for my best.

The logo tut is from the cool looking Cinema 4Da„? brand and it will be created in Adobe Illustrator CS6. Logo looks 3D brings and easy way how to achieve a 3D effect with the gradient, mesh, blending and other tools (transparency, opacity mask, pen tool etc.) in Illustrator. Being primitives, vector files are smaller and scalable (quality does not degrade when stretching, twisting, modifying, etc). On the File Menu – Place – navigate to your Saved Files – choose your graphic – click Place. Upload your PDF file to our business card design suite to see an instant proof and to order your cards.
We’re headed to the festival of creativity, Cannes Lions (June 21-27) where creative people in advertising and communications gather each year to celebrate amazing work. In partnership with film director Lee Hirsch and his social movement The BULLY Project, we’re using Cannes Lions as a stage to help stop bullying. If you’re joining us in Cannes, come to the Microsoft booth (right outside the Palais) on Tuesday June 23 and we’ll work with you to create your remixed “No Bully” logo. To get a true global voice against bullying, we ask that you share your “No Bully” logo creation.
What a fantastic cause and very poignant yo myself at this moment in time, as my daughter who is my photographic muse, is suffering and I’m trying to help her through this terrible thing that no one of any age should be subject to!
Hi, I’m from Venezuela and I really like this campaign are making to stop the harassment of youth.
How to Create a Logo in Adobe Illustrator: 12 Steps - wikiHow is part of the popular collection wallpapers. We’ll create the graphic as a vector design to allow scalability as a logo and add flat and mono versions to keep the logo versatile.
The design we’ll be creating features a continuous ribbon style shape wrapping to form a spiral. Move them into position horizontally to continue the ribbon then right click and select Arrange > Send to Back to properly follow the pattern.
Select the two new rectangles and carefully line them up where they join with the originals.
To maintain the illusion of a spiral these colours need making darker to represent light and shade. This is the primary version of the logo complete, but let’s quickly make flat and mono variations to keep the logo versatile. Make a copy of the logo and remove all the gradients and shadows, leaving solid colour fills.
The primary version looks great with all the gradients and effects, and will retain its quality when scaled. A whole tutorial on adding shadows (particularly to cut out product shots) would be really useful should you ever find the time!!

Vectors are geometrical primitives (line, points, curves, etc.) based on mathematical equations to characterize graphics.
Right click and save the following links to download the owner and address example type graphics. We use a lithography press and four color printing to precisely replicate your design on the card.
In addition to showcasing award-winning artists, this year at the Cannes Lions festival we want to rally and inspire everyone to create for good. Expanding on our BULLY Project Mural initiative, you can join us next week and take a stand against bullying by getting creative. There will be Surface tablets with our Creative Cloud apps where you can grab all the assets you need.
Here you can find some new design about How to Create a Logo in Adobe Illustrator: 12 Steps - wikiHow for your current screen resolution. Select the original colour as the centre handle, then choose a darker tone for the first handle and colour pick the next colour for the last handle.
Select each handle from the gradient and add more black to each colour to darken all the tones.
Right click and save the following links to download the chili hyphen and USDA stamp example graphics. I am very impressed with the gloss finish, the very clear image and text and the very clean cutting of the cards. Lee has opened up creative rights to what he calls the “No Bully” logo, and our Adobe Studio team has made assets to help you get started.
You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer.
How To Get Started with Adobe Illustrator CS6 - 10 Things Beginners Want To Know How To Do. Take the brushes, color palettes, Photoshop files and more, from here in the Creative Cloud library, and create your own stand and stamp against bullying. I love this campaign and I currently have in my school work with this type of project to help lecturing and listening to young people who are victims of bullying.
Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. To help sustain their cause, we’ll be donating $10 for every share to the organization up to $10K, starting now through the end of Cannes Lions Festival 2015.

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