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Erin told you about the Create-Your-Own-Pasta station here when the resort first opened, but I could not wait to try it for myself! But don’t forget to take a gander at the customization options just in case something catches your eye! So, once you make your choices, sit back and watch the show as the chefs whip up your meal! I was very excited to see my finished dish come across the counter — Spaghetti Carbonara with Broccoli. It came with a sizable piece of garlic toast, though I’m sure the cheesy pesto bread would be a great accompaniment as well!
And sharing would keep you from doing what I did…continuing to eat because it just tasted so good. The sauce was creamy and plentiful (I’m always worried about sauce generosity, and this serving was well balanced).
This is the ONLY thing that I will get at this food court which is also one of my favorite dining spots on Disney property. Like the post says – everything is cooked to order, so it was fresh and most important – it was yummy!
The Disney Food Blog Restaurant Search Tool lets you choose criteria from 18 different facets of Disney Dining, then recommends Disney World restaurants that will be perfect for your family! In a tongue-in-cheek jab at the widespread reverence for religion, the left-leaning aggregated blog site Huffington Post has announced a “create your own religion” competition for its subscribers. The competition gives examples of some of the most instantly recognizable images and symbols of the world’s major religions and faith traditions, asking readers how their religion would stack up with the others. This is all very amusing, but we at the ULC Monastery are curious about what kind of religion you would really create if you could.
Of course, these are just suggestions, and they are only the tip of the iceberg, but they are a starting point for creating your own religion. My religion would be to explore the relationship of symbols, shapes, imagining their inherent meaning.

I thought it was really interesting to watch their “mass-boilers” for the pasta! And I was surprised that the broccoli was perfect — just lightly sauteed so that it warmed up, but still fresh and crunchy enough to offer some good textural contrast.
It even bests my previous favorite — the Create-Your-Own Burritos at Pop Century’s Everything Pop!
When I did the pasta, I had some sort of shrimp and bow tie pasta that was awesome and so large I could’ve made three meals out of it. The humorous publicity stunt asks readers to submit a description of their own invented religion, which will be posted to the site to compete for followers.
Some of these religions are ancient and revered, and others, relatively novel and controversial, encouraging readers to be inventive and consider the possibilities.
You may think you have found the perfect religion (for example, you may be loyal to the Southern Baptist Church because you were born and raised in that particular denomination), but, more often than not, an honest person will be able to name at least something about his or her religion that could be improved.
This faith is based on the premise that we are energy constellations existing on multiple levels of vibratory frequency simultaneously, and limited only by our degrees of perception and consciousness. Butters, sauces, and vegetables are all fresh, and many dishes around the food court are made to order like this one.
They were these big vats of hot water that held little strainer baskets of pasta — each individual portion boiling away. It was a busy evening, and I loved how they had a cast member come out and help take orders with some remote ordering thing. We think this is a fantastic and lighthearted way to find out what people will say, but it forces us to wonder what people believe in their heart of hearts.
Even Scientology is hinted at: “maybe you’re a mediocre sci-fi writer that wants people speaking your psuedoscience [sic]”. Before we are born, we choose a frequency to represent on earth, and by living this lifetime on earth, we gift this frequency to Gaia (the consciousness of Mother Earth) as an element in her expanding consciousness.
While the aim of the HuffPost competition is obviously comedic, the Universal Life Church Monastery would like to know what you really think: if you could create your own religion, what kind of religion would it be?

Essentially, what the competition calls on readers to do is to create a distinctive religious brand and market it as the most attractive product in order to win the most adherents. What are your beliefs about the purpose and meaning of life, and the underlying nature of the universe?
It might have a god as well as a goddess, or a trinity, triad, or similar combined form in which a single deity takes on multiple aspects.
The game of life consists of re-membering who we are as spiritual beings having an earthly experience, and moving forward with the Plan we elected to manifest on the earth.
Holidays and rituals are also important, since they set aside a place and time to practice your religion.
Would your sermons, worship services, and ceremonies be held inside a special building, at home, or in nature? Through our socialization process, we may have absorbed limiting thoughts and behaviors that need to be transcended in order to move forward with our Plan. What type of holidays would you have, what would they commemorate, and what kind of rites and sacraments would they involve?
The educational processes of the faith of the Green Path have to do with helping people transcend their limiting thoughts and behaviors and open themselves to their inner wisdom and guidance.
Perhaps most important of all is the set of beliefs, doctrines, and creeds that provide a foundation to your theology and a moral framework for living life.
You would need to provide a statement of beliefs and policies regarding things like marriage, sex and love, salvation and atonement for sins, crime and justice, war, and the role of other religions. Beyond this understanding of our nature, individuals are free to choose the surroundings, teachings, form of gatherings, rituals, and dress that aid them in feeling delight in being who they are.

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