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Surname*:Please check our database of names using the search form above before adding the product to the cart. Henna, orĀ mehndiĀ as it is referred to in Hindi, is considered to be one of the essentials of many South Asian wedding celebrations. Darcy will create a personalized henna design both on your hand and foot during the retreat. In this workshop you will create your own mandala painting to take home with you inspired from both within and without.

Working with collage means incorporating any inspiring images or feelings with each other on the same page. Please begin to collect beautiful images with a variety of textures and favorite colors to use when creating your collage (the mandala and the collage could potentially be the same piece if you choose).
While mandalas have been used for Hindu, Buddhist and even Christian religious purposes, in modern Western times the use of the word mandala has been adopted as a term used to refer to a geometric pattern representing the cosmos, or even our own internal universe. Magazines, wallpaper samples, and old art books offer a wonderful assortment of choices to use.

Humans are naturally drawn to drawing circles, and the creation of mandalas can lead to deep states of meditation, or uncovering new layers of one’s consciousness.

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