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The holiday season is upon us, and for many folks ita€™s become tradition to include a family newsletter with their greeting cards.
Happily, putting together a holiday newsletter is a snap using the apps included with your Mac.
Although Pages hasna€™t received a major update in a few years, ita€™s an excellent, easy-to-use page-layout program that is loaded with great built-in templates.
Step 2: Make it your own Youa€™re free to modify a template as much as you like, but if youa€™re looking to get a quick start, here are a number of simple tweaks that will help make the template unique. At the bottom right of the iPhoto window, youa€™ll see three important icons: Layout, Options, and Photos.
Layout lets you select trim color and alternate layouts (just as you can by clicking at the top of a page), but adds one important option: Horizontal or Vertical.
Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. The question how to Create a Newsletter Signup Form in MailPoet has been asked 741 times by our users. We are excited to announce the next extension in ARForms list is of Newsletter integration with Mailpoet. Aug 01, 2014 · Find out how to quickly add a newsletter signup widget your WordPress website or blog. Creating a great subject line is an important first step to understanding how to create an entire email newsletter. Ita€™s a great way to share photos, family milestones, and yearly retrospectives with your loved ones. You can use both Pages and iPhoto to create simple, elegant newsletters to include with your mailings. Youa€™re then presented with a number of great templates which will serve as a starting point for your own newsletter. Once youa€™ve tailored the template you can go about the business of adding content, and this typically starts with photos.
The toughest part of this process will likely be adding written content to your newsletter.

All Pages templates come with a series of secondary template pages, each with its own specialized function (text, text with sidebars, photo collage).
Choose print, and when the print form slides into view, simply choose Save as PDF from the PDF pop-up menu in the lower left corner. Instead of putting together a newsletter to include with your card, wea€™ll create a newsletter that is a card. First things firsta€”youa€™ll need a create an album full of photos youa€™d like to include in your card. Once the card has been created, you can tweak the layout, add text, and move photos around.
Clicking any of these icons will slide open a drawer at the right, giving you access to different functions. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Without an eye catching subject line, your emails are doomed to get lost in your subscriber’s mailbox abyss.
Choose Show -> Media Browser to access your photo library or click the Media button in the tool bar.
To add a new page, click the Pages icon in the top left of the toolbar and choose the template that makes the most sense for your newsletter.
If youa€™re including it with a greeting card, use a medium weight paper that has some rigidity (to give it some heft) but that isna€™t so stiff that it cannot be folded. You can then attach your newsletter to email messages or even post it to your website for family and friends to download.
Choose File -> New Album, give it a name, and then return to your photo library by clicking Photos in the top left.
Clicking just above the card on either the left or right page will call up the options for that page, and allow you to choose different layouts (in some cases) as well as choose a different trim color.
Note that a pop-over slider appears each time you drop a photo, allowing you to adjust the size of the photo within the frame.

You can order the card directly from Apple by clicking Buy Card, or you can go ahead and print it yourself. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. The Format Bar (just below the tool bar) will then show text-specific options, including a pop-up font menu.
Find a photo youa€™d like to use and drag it onto one of the placeholder images in the newsletter to replace it.
Herea€™s one way you can mix things up: click just about the left (front) page, and select the layout option in the top right.
Therea€™s also very limited space for text with these card layouts, so choose your words carefully. The only current attribute is a drop shadow, but drop shadows are a bit last-century, so leta€™s get rid of it by unchecking Shadow. If you plan to print of a lot of cards yourself, it might be helpful to have a paper trimmer handy. For this example, wea€™re going to use a gorgeous template called Year in Review, which should be the first template to the right, but if it's not, just click till you find it.
Unfortunately, the default line is white and a rather plump 6 points, so leta€™s tweak that, too.
Click it once and youa€™ll see a pop-over with a slider that lets you adjust the size of the photo.
The shape is currently being filled by a tiled graphic, but to keep things simple, leta€™s change it to a solid color.
Click the color well to choose a color that complements the background color you chose earlier, and then use the directional arrows to adjust the line weight to 1 point. In the top left you should see a small blue circle; click it and drag it to the left to tone down the corner roundness.

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