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Thanks to Apple dropping support for Flash on iOS, HTML5 has gained a lot of traction and is getting very popular. A list of pretty cool games, make sure to check out the source to understand how they work. Addicting simple game where you race with a stick figure in levels designed by other users.
Not exactly a game, but a game emulator that gives you access to old games that you’ve probably missed.
This is a recreation of the original Command and Conquer, a popular real time strategy game.
For those who, like me, have been sleeping through physics classes and forgot pretty much everything about basic physics principles.
A great serie of tutorials that walks you through the creation of a simple Doodle Jump clone. A presentation by Ernesto Jimenez to make you aware of a few important things you’ll need to know when creating HTML5 games. The Jukebox is a component for playing sounds and music with the usage of sprites with a special focus on performance and cross-device deployment.
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One of the extremely popular modes in Minecraft was creative where you just got to fly around and build whatever creation you so desired.
When you think of HTML5 game engines, the first that should come to mind is ImpactJS, and that is for good reason.
The Night Henry Allen died is a two-dimensional isometric game that I like because its story was driven style.
A recent HTML5 Chrome Experiment by the name of the Resonance Box released that allowed users to input their own outside force in the form of sounds resonance. King, the developers of hit mobile titles such as Candy Crush, have released a 2D game engine for use recently.
While being able to see visually how computers handle sound data is fascinating, it is also extremely fun. What would happen if you took the time bending style of gameplay in Superhot where the game only moves when you do and the top down madness of Hotline Miami? The Ludum Dare is a three day from scratch game development contest and has tons of entries every time it occurs.
Originally created by two non-game developers Voxel.js is an easy and fun toolkit to create your very own Minecraft like games for a web browser. Gideros is a cross-platform open source technology available for free that allows you rapidly develop games across a variety of platforms including web with HTML5.
For games, HTML5 (understand canvas and a lot of javascript) is slowly replacing Flash on online gaming websites and mobile games. The hard part is that they walk in opposite directions, so you’ll need some coordination to open the doors.

You have to try to get him out of the sinkhole before his torche’s batteries run out. We Cover Anything That Helps You Create Dynamic, Next-generation Interactive Desktop And Mobile HTML5 Games And Websites. We cover anything that helps you create dynamic, next-generation interactive Desktop and mobile HTML5 games and websites. A multiplayer game takes that to the extreme so having a game engine specifically built for it would be ideal. The feeling of mastering what many consider and an unbeatable game is incredibly gratifying.
Previously YouTube gaming had focused around the gameplay commentaries, but now the playthroughs have taken over.
CreateJS is a package of modular tools and libraries that work together or independently for your project. They also provide additional services such game reskins, custom development, and white label portals.
They are further complicated within web browsers where they become more limited within the confines of a browser. I have done in this post a selection of cool and popular HTML5 games, maybe it will give you some motivation to create your own.

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