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March 26, 2013 By James 2 Comments Learn how to create your own website for free uk. So you are looking to create a website for yourself or your business, without paying anything, right? Firstly you have 3 options: get a web designer to make it for you (costly), use a template (typically poor quality), or a website builder (free and good quality). The other two options, a web designer or template, will cost you money and you will probably not get the same results. I have worked with many website builders, and I can tell you some are just awful,  however some such as Wix are very enjoyable to use and produce really nice websites, for free. Wix has the largest collection of templates available so you should be able to find one that is right for you.
Take a look at what already works – What does your biggest competitor’s website look like? Get feedback – Ask your customers or friends what they think of the design and if it will work well. Social media – What better way to get your website known than by sharing it with hundreds of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Forums – Get involved with a forum similar to your niche and share your knowledge (and your website link of course). I hope you enjoyed this article on how to create your own website for free uk, and it would be great if you could share it with at least some of your friends. More and more people want to establish a presence on the web whether it be to succeed in today’s business environment or even just for fun. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Plan your websiteTASKS· Website basics – What makes a good website?
Rob Clymois Editor of Website Maker magazine, the long-running title formerly known as Web Pages Made Easy launched in the late 1990’s. Start or grow a business you love with monthly challenges, 100+ workbooks, mini-courses, live online training and ongoing support. If you’ve ever decided to investigate building your own website, you can be forgiven for giving up quite quickly! WordPress is a content management system that gives you the foundations of a website (pages and a blog). There are many different categories of themes, so whatever market you’re in, you should be able to find at least one that you love.
Some themes have so many functions built in you could have a full-blown online business pretty much overnight. If you have a good idea of what you want to sell, or what niche you want to steer towards, you can get your online business up and running in no time with a turnkey theme. And the great thing about premium themes is that they’ve been created by experts in their field (graphic designers and coders), giving you a really professional look (and the benefit of a LOT of work) without the cost.
The reason they can afford to sell them so cheaply is that they rely on multiple sales to make a profit. Once your theme is set up like the demo, you can go into your website and use the demo content to show you how the pages have been set up. Once you’re happy with how your site looks, you’ll be ready to publish and show off your work to the world! WordPress is really easy to work your way around, and you’ll soon get the hang of it and enjoy the freedom you have to create your own content and manage your own site, as and when you like. Template sites give the impression your business is just like any other, so why should they choose you? If you’re looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of your competitors when marketing your business or freelance services, you may already have thought about podcasting.

Thinking about running a Kickstarter campaign for your personal project or business but don’t know where to start? Discover the six most common reasons working mums give for not looking for freelance jobs, and why they’re wrong. It may be a bit frosty still, but this week we’re going au naturel outside in pursuit of happiness.
If you worry that going out to work may be affecting your child’s performance at school you can breathe a sigh of relief – analysis of six studies shows that children’s academic performance is not harmed if their mums work in the first few years of their lives. To help you explore more of the wonderful world of wine, we’ve enlisted the assistance of brilliant sommelier Helena Nicklin, aka Winebird, as our new wine columnist!
Take the frustration out of interviewing for jobs you’ll never get, by tailoring your resume to the roles you really want.
Find out why self-promotion should NOT be your main priority on social media – and read five basic social media engagement rules. To help ensure your email marketing repays the time you invest in it, check out these 27 tried and tested tricks for successful email marketing.
Thinking about opening an online shop or commerce store, but don’t know where to start? Want to impress potential clients and reassure them that you’re the right business or freelancer to hire for a project? About usTalented Ladies Club is a website for working mums who want to find a way to balance their career with their family. Well in that case you will need to use either a template or a website builder to create your website, in addition to a few other things. My recommendation is to use an online website builder as they are the easiest to use and produce good websites. A cheap web designer will typically use a template and will charge you extra just for adding content to it! Below I will discuss how you can create your own website for free uk using a website builder. Wix is my preferred website builder as it is the easiest to use, their selection is simply amazing, and they support virtually every country (oh and did I mention it’s free?).
You should pick a category that best suits your business which will then provide you with the best templates to choose from for your particular industry.
Add your logo, text, and real images of your business to showcase who you are and what you do. In terms of colour you should make something that goes well with your logo  and the colour of your store (if you have one); this keeps everything consistent. You now need to get it out there so people can visit it and appreciate your good looking website.
Brilliant Web Design explains how to design and create an effective website using the task based method of the Brilliant series. This is a tutorial based magazine aimed at helping people create a web site in simple steps.
Yet unless you’ve got great technical skills (or a friend who does!) the prospect of creating one can seem dauntingly difficult and expensive. With a little knowhow and time, you can create your own professional-looking website for less than ?150 – as Lyndsay Moon explains. If your company or businesses needs expand, you can also outgrow these sites quite quickly too.
When you install WordPress it comes with its own theme, but there are lots of different free and paid-for themes you can choose from instead, and you don’t need to spend much money to get an amazing-looking site.

It’s a bit trickier to set up, but much better long term – especially if you’re planning to run a business from your website.
This means that other people around the world will be buying the same theme as you – but before you worry about dozens of people have an identical site, the chances of someone using the same theme as you, for the same type of business, and their site being found next to yours among the billions of sites on the web is extremely small! And if you’re even a little bit computer savvy, you should be able to pick it up quickly too. I had never set up a website before and WordPress has been much easier than I thought it would be – just need to be prepared for a bit of trial and error. Investing say ?150 into a template design for WordPress is like throwing money down the drain. Many freelancer web designers do not charge large amounts, I know we dont or our competitors.
But if ‘thought’ is as far as you’ve got, Jenny Brewster from The Podcasting Academy can help you take the leap to actually creating your own podcast show and reaching up to 500 million iTunes customers.
One mum shares her story with us – and reveals why she finds it such a rewarding job. Discover four good reasons why it’s worth paying that little bit more for organic food. Find out why business personas are so important, and how you can create them for your buyers.
Learn 11 things you need to know to free yourself from a physical and emotional hormonal roller coaster.
Find out why staff morale is linked to productivity, and how you can keep your workforce happy and hardworking. As well as being a keen writer on the subject, he is also a commercial site builder specializing in eCommerce. And the best thing about it is you can create your own WordPress site yourself, without incurring any expensive development fees. It also enables you to include extra components, so if you need any special functions on your site, you can just add them on. They include auction sites, e-commerce sites, event sites, real estate sites and many more. Also remember that each theme allows for you to put your own branding into it to give a more bespoke look.
A great place to start is, which provides step-by-step guides on how to do most things in WordPress.
However, not sure it’s right that you need to host to get the business domain you want? Your website must be unique now to stand even the slightest chance of a visitor staying on your site and browsing. Rob is a regular contributor for other web creation titles including Web Designer, Practical Web Projects and Web Developer.
I have my site hosted on WordPress and directed to my domain – it is possible to set it up that way.

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