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It is often forgotten that online retail accounts for only 15.2% of overall retail in the UK. There are likely to be a few key trends that emerge over the coming years, predominantly with personalisation and cross-device advancements. Last week we introduced Divi 2.4, the biggest upgrade in Divi history and a giant leap forward for our most popular WordPress theme. Today I will be showing you how to create a unique look for your blog, and how to unify that look using Global Modules. The new Post Title Module that allows you to automatically pull post meta information, such as post title, author, date and featured image and display those items in a unique way. The Divi Library and Divi’s new Global Library Items that allow you to sync a single module, row or section across multiple posts or pages on your site. To kick things off, we will be customizing our blog post layout to be completely different than the standard Divi blog.
First things first, let’s change up our overall structure a bit by removing the sidebar in favor of a full width layout. In particular, we will be using Divi’s new Fullwidth Post Title module to give our blog post a more unique and enticing header. Now that the default post title has been removed, we can add our own customized version using the Fullwidth Post Title Module. To add our new customized title, add a new Fullwidth Section to the top of your post, and then add a Fullwidth Post Title Module within the section.
This will launch the settings box for the post title module where you can adjust the display of your custom post title.
Show Title – Inside each post title module, you can choose which pieces of information you would like to display. Show Meta – You can also choose to hide all of the meta information that typically gets added below the post title, such as post author, date, and categories.
Show Comment Count – This will disable or enable the comment count within the post meta box. Featured Image Placement – If the featured image is enabled, you can choose from various display methods. Parallax Effect – If the featured image is being used as a background image, then you can enable parallax mode.
Text Background Color – Applying a background color to your text will place a colored box around your title. The end result is a completely different looking post when compared to the default Divi post layout! Now that we have created a unique look for our blog post, the next step is to unify our entire blog under the same style, and to make that style easy to manage.
Once the item has been saved as global, you will notice that it turns green within the builder. Once this post title has been added to each of your blog posts, they will all share the same exact header format!
My goal here was to not only show you how to create a unique looking blog using the Divi Builder, but also how to do it in a way to makes it easy to manage. I wonder if the people at Elegantthemes have to create their own CUSTOM POSTS plugin before they will even allow it. Full 100% Global is nice and all, but I am thinking we need Category Specific Global as well.
I agree with you, that way you can even give every category different styles to show the difference between them.
Maybe I’m missing the connotation of your request, but can’t you just make global modules for each category and add them to all posts in the category to accomplish that?
I am not able to use Divi to add a grid to my main posts page, or even category or other posts archive pages.
I was using wp types and views for even basic post title query for some custom display requirement.
How about a button that makes ALL blog views such as searches and categories appear as grid. That said, with that many posts created, you probably have a pretty regular post schedule anyway.
Rows have a Custom Width setting in % or px and modules have a Max Width setting in whatever units you choose (e.g.
There’s no rule that says you have to display the featured image, the article is just using that for illustration.
Looking at the example from the post, it would be impossible to add another module between the post content and the full width picture at the bottom without editing every single post. I’m starting a blog for a Divi website now and it seems like I should just be able to make one design for the blog page and one design for each post, and just apply it globally.
What affect does having the text in different modules and all the short codes have on SEO for the blog page? The explanations offer no detail, amplification, or clarification; just a sentence version of the headline. I challenge you to look at ALL your explanations and rewrite them so I learn something from them; or delete them. I’ve followed the instructions above to get the layout for my blog which looks better than it was. Does creating blog posts with the Divi builder hurt their flexibility if moving them to another theme one day?
Divi’s Builder will soon be available as a plugin which will allow you to take your page and post designs with you to any theme.
How can a Divi post header style be applied automatically to a site with say 250 or 500 existing posts?
If we could design a Global Post Title Module in Divi Library and then have the option to select it in the Customizer to be applied across all posts – this would solve the issue.
I sent a message above that doesn’t look like it was answered but thinking it has something to do with the aspect ratio. I appreciate the response but when matched up against your YouTube video it appears something is missing in your response. Sorry to ask in this setting but the support forums are completely ignoring my queries multiple times which makes me think something is being withheld on this subject for whatever reason. I’ve been exploring and practicing more designing and conceptualizing game environments.
Next I scanned them all into Photoshop and organized each of the sketches into a single document on its own layer. Through changing blending modes, I let the shapes create different environment designs for me.
This technique was really fun to do and in the end, I ended up generating about 50 different thumbnails for environments. Invoice Place – The simple to use billing system for small business, home business, consultants, and freelancers. After you create an invoice the next step (in an ideal world) is to receive prompt payment from your customer (did I mention this was an ideal world?).
Previously you first needed to find the invoice and click on the create receipt icon (as below). Finding the invoice had been improved by the new search feature, which gives you a way to search on the invoice number. If you create a receipt for an invoice that already has had payment received the invoice page will open. A receipt has already been created for this invoice – please check that you are not entering the same payment twice.
This message is displayed to prevent you from accidentally entering the same payment twice. A special thank you to John Jarvis from Dust Busters North East for providing an Invoiceplace testimonial.
When you create an invoice you expect to be paid – if you want to remain in business that is! Clearer a€“No hassle keeping track of retainers and partial payments – receipts are listed for each invoice. When reviewing an invoice the payment history is now included, and there is a way to create a receipt. Now there is an easy and fast way to search for invoices, quotes, receipts, or products using Invoiceplace. Including a currency code is important when you have invoices in currencies that use the same currency symbol, such as the dollar sign. Invoiceplace has been updated so that it is faster and easer to create a new online invoice or quote when reviewing and printing an existing invoice.
A big thank you to Vishal Sharma of VS Consulting for featuring Invoiceplace in the 2008 Australian Startups Carnival. InvoicePlace was fortunate to be one of the companies reviewed in the ebook, but it is more than a series of case studies and includes simple steps to create a powerful and compelling Unique Selling Proposition, transform your marketing and make more sales for your MicroISV. A special thank you to Spiro and Patricia fromA Athens Transfers for providing an Invoiceplace testimonial. Scott Carpenter was extremely professional, offering suggestions and support throughout the whole process of preparing a custom invoice template.
Now able to provide our customers with full details of their transfers and the best part Invoiceplace does all the calculations instantly.

We have no hesitation in recommending Scott Carpenter and Invoiceplace for anyone who may require easy invoicing for their business. There are times when you create an invoice that you are required to send it to more than one person.
Even though Invoiceplace already provides a way to email an electronic invoice to three people (by having a€?Toa€™, a€?Cca€™ and Bcca€™ address fields) you can now email as many people as you need to.
When you an email an invoice the multiple addresses from your customer’s details are automatically displayed. Estamos en plena primavera y nos complace invitarles al espacio unico y con mucho encanto en el barrio modernista de Eixample donde los disenadores selectos presentaran sus colecciones creativas hechas en Barcelona. Hemos invitado a la asesora de imagen y estilista de moda, Migi Sol, que dara dos “master” clases. Ademas se realizara un sorteo, las ganadoras, recibiran como regalo la oportunidad exclusiva de experimentar con su imagen personal y recibir un asesoramiento profesional y personalizado en peluqueria, maquillaje y estilo.
Estamos muy contentos de anunciar nuestra participacion el en evento de referencia de esta primavera! La 3ra Edicion de LA DUQUESA TE INVITA orientado a los novios y invitados donde viviras la experiencia de una boda exclusiva y personalizada.
Inmaculada Garcia, Bibian Blue, Piedad Rodriguez, Secretos de Novia, La Cala Hilos de Plata, Anna Blau Atelier.. Presentaremos nuestras ultimas y muy queridas creaciones que podras lucir en los momentos mas importantes de tu vida.
La 15 edicion de 080 Barcelona Fashion ya esta por detras y me pongo a echarla de menos… Sobre todo la efimera sensacion de que estas envuelto en algo misterioso y intenso como la moda.
Desfiles, nombres ya conocidos y apreciados, como Miriam Ponsa, Josep Abril o Manuel Bolano. Y lo que me fastidia… Lo malo como estan organizados los espacios de pop up stores (Cada vez es una razon diferente. Y las enormes manadas de estudiantes de moda que por un lado dan el espiritu trasgresor, pero por otro lado el evento deja de ser algo chic, prestigioso, un evento de referencia en el mundo de la moda.
Me hizo ilusion hacer mi propia seleccion de los mejores looks de la 15 edicion de 080 Barcelona Fashion.
En estas fiestas navidenas entregue dos vestidos de encaje, ambos muy elaborados, con encajes en acabados finos y sofisticados, casi diria haute couture por la cantidad de trabajo manual. Admirables, unicas mujeres, solo les deseo que estos vestidos marcen sus pasos importantes, les acompanen y les traigan mucha suerte! Buscamos un punto donde coincidimos, donde la idea empieza a acariciar la imaginacion de la novia.
Una vez teniendo la base cortada y probada empezamos a jugar con el encaje, colocarlo en distintas direcciones para ver los efectos visuales, decidir como va la cenefa del encaje para adornar el vestido.
Al principio nacio la idea de hacer el vestido transformable y en cuanto probamos la base decidimos por hacer uno corto con bajo asimetrico y una falda larga como una capa inferior que se quitara despues de la parte oficial para el baile de los novios.
Quieres saber que opina Marta sobre su experiencia de creacion de un vestido personalizado?
No he estado en muchas bodas, mas bien estoy trabajando para que la boda se convierte en un evento unico, para que la clienta se siente la mujer mas bella, mas adorable del planeta. Este octubre pude compaginar mi labor profesional de creadora de vestidos de novia con la dulce mission de una invitada a la boda. Por un lado es un elemento principal de la boda, dispuesto a crear mucho ambiente al evento (ver articulo). Por otro lado el arco puede convertirse en el fantastico photocol donde varias parejas y no ))) haran sus fotos inolvidables.
De las versiones mas clasicas con bombones hasta las mas originales sin fin las parejas no paran de inventar las nuevas ideas.
Algunas dudas, preguntas sobre como organizar una boda o donde encargar un vestido de novia? Asi ha sido la boda de Igor y Svetlana. Dos romanticos, almas creativas, el fotografo y ella disenadora de munecas artesanas, se encontraron hace un ano y desde alli nunca se separan. El detalle muy importante que ayudo a dar el toque unico al look total es la diadema y el ramo del mismo tono realizados de mano de Kseniya Chalaya(Floratelie). When Svetlana decided to make in VASYA her wedding dress, she had a clear idea about what she want. The very important detail that helped to give a unique touch to the total look is a diadem and a bouquet made ine the same colors by ??Kseniya Chalaya(Floratelie). Obras futuristas, pizca de art deco y buenas intenciones son los ingredientes de nuevos jerseys sostenibles de VASYA. Futurist works , some touch of art deco and good intentions are the main ingredients of new sustainable sweaters by Vasya. Cada de los vestidos que diseno y realizo es unico, el proceso de su creacion es improvisado y a veces muy inesperado incluso para mi. Asi es como me siento ahora viendo las fotos del vestido de Luz, una novia embarazada de 7 meses (en el momento de su boda). Empezamos con varias ideas, hicimos unas especies de paneles de tendencia para imaginar como puede ser nuestro vestido. Casi desde principio lo teniamos claro, tiene que ser con el corte por debajo de pecho y sin ajustar en la parte de la barriga que crecia de una semana a otra.
Miramos las telas y escogimos una combinacion elegante, con un tono beige frio y notas rosas que tanto acentuaran luego el tono algo apagado del beige.
Detallamos el boceto y vimos la linea principal para avanzar con el corte y luego con las pruebas del modelo. No siempre todos los detalles quedan claros, es la parte mas interesante, mas creativa del proceso.
Totalmente Slow, cada jersey, cada top es una historia a parte, un producto unico e irrepetible.
The dynamic online environment means that retailers can never ignore what’s going on around them – competitor activity, consumer behaviour, search engine algorithms and omni-channel retail, make eCommerce a difficult field to future-proof! This means there is huge scope for greater future growth online, and plenty of opportunity for savvy retailers to join this vibrant marketplace.
There is an increasing need to create more personalised experiences for consumers as they browse online.
There are so many great features to explore in this update that it was hard to describe them all on the release post, which is why we have decided to do a 2-week series of informational blog posts that will aim to teach you how to take full advantage of Divi 2.4 and its new options. Before we can do that, however, we first need to remove the default title display that gets automatically added to the top of each blog post. If you would like to disabled the title altogether, and only display your featured image and meta data, then this option can be disabled. You can place the image above the title, below the title, or even use it as a background image behind the post title.
If you have applied a dark text background color, consider making your post title text light to ensure that it’s readable. As an example for this tutorial, I will be using the settings shown in the screenshot below. We have now created a unique style for our blog that is different from every other Divi blog and WordPress blog on the net! Since we are using the Divi Builder to construct our post, there are many new layout options to take advantage of. Since the post title automatically grabs the information from the current post, there is no need to edit the module when adding it to a new page.
There is no need to do anything except add the global module to the post since the module automatically grabs the post information for the particular post it has been added to. What’s even more important is that if we ever want to change the appearance of all of our blog posts, we only have to edit the global post title module once! For example, here I have changed the post title background color to red, and I have adjusted the featured image location to be used as a background image (instead of being placed below the post title).
This is a perfect example of how powerful Divi’s new Global Library Items can be (especially when used for modules that grab their content dynamically). I already have 800 posts and I’m looking for a way to make them look different without re-loading every one. I have hundreds of existing posts, and don’t want to have to open EACH one, add a POST HEADER MODULE to each, and then have to remove each one if I ever change themes, or if my clients decides in the future not to go with this method. The ability to use Divi Builder on Posts alone is worth the whole 2.4 update ?? You guys are simply unbelievable!
I would like to have my posts like this but the line length is far too long for readability.
Most folks are unaware that there is physical limit to easy readability when it comes to line length.
It would be incredible if there was a way to use the Divi builder to build a post template that would automatically be applied to posts, rather than having to use the Divi builder to build every post. It doesn’t sound like good practice to have to use Divi builder for all posts, just to help you style the look of the template. Shortcodes are not part of the HTML output, and search engines don’t pay much attention, if any, to non-semantic tags (divs etc).
This would save having to go through and individually apply it to every post which on a large site would simply not be practical. Why is it that you can have title underneath or above and get the entire featured image but when you over lay it cuts it down?
You actually told me how to locate the title itself snugly along the bottom border of the image which was to set the padding to 0 pixels (you gave the answer in the comments section to SwellGod).

It might just be hard to tell you exactly what is causing your website not to behave as expected without seeing it. My posts are being screened out and your support group won’t even respond with a sentence when I ask in detailed fashion about the issue.
In what instance would someone upload a large image and only want to see a tiny sliver of it? It has been a really long time since I did any concept art and to start with no idea in mind, to just free style was a change of pace.
All could be a really good way to start a digital painting and to get unique ideas for a new game environment or level design. Please note that these are not complete designs but only a starting point of an idea to be explored and designed further.
It seems to be a good way for people who aren’t very artistically adept to get brilliant concepts down. After receiving payment you can use Invoiceplace to create a receipt which will update the amount paid on the invoice. Accounting doesna€™t have to be a hassle, which is why this way of recording payment has been created to reduce the number of steps required to track payments.
Enter the invoice number for which you have received payment, and click on the a€?Create Receipta€™ button.
You can still create a receipt by clicking on the link a€?Create Receipta€™ in the invoice review page.
Here you will find everything you need to get started, and as your business grows why would you want to leave this site that has helped you at the start of your new exciting business.
Invoiceplace provides a simple way to create a professional online invoice and track payments received, now enhanced to make your billing faster and clearer for you and your customers. This means you dona€™t need to redo the search if you open an invoice, create a receipt, etc. Choose what you are searching for, and enter one of the invoice number, description or customer name. Our business provides corporate and leisure ground transportation in Athens and there are details which needed to be included on the invoice not usually required. Login to Invoiceplace, and click on the email image for the invoice, quote or receipt you want to send. Por la manana se celebrara una mesa redonda y podreis conocer las ultimas tendencias en moda y las mejores combinaciones de accesorios y colores para este verano.
Ademas de los detalles, podras ser atendida y asesorada personalmente por algunos de los disenadores mas importantes del sector.
Esta vez es el escaso espacio que quedaba entre los pasillos que con el flujo de gente a veces no te dejaban parar y mirar tranquilamente los estands de disenadores).
Los dos son cortos hasta la rodilla con una falda de gasa, pero como veis totalmente diferentes por su espiritu. Habian muchas dudas, preguntas de como quedara y si va a ser lo que ella espera. La tipica preocupacion por el resultado tan importante. Una vez colocada la base propuse la idea de hacer unas especies de agujeros en los laterales para que se vuelva a aparecer la base blanca del vestido y para dar el efecto de cintura avispa.
Tiempo soleado y calido para ser otono, una masia afueras de ciudad, una ceremonia proxima e intima.
Nos inspiramos en una foto que le gustaba tanto, el estilo elegante, sofisticado sin pasar a ser pomposo.
Como todo lo que nace de un artista, cada jersey representa mi pequena obra de arte, mi vision del mundo algo mejor y consciente de sus hechos…. Like everything that is created by an artist, each jersey is my little work of art, my vision of the better world and aware of their deeds…. En Pinterest cree una carpeta con los disenos que me parecian que mejor pueden ajustarse al estilo de Luz y sus gustos. De texturas: beige brillante con una caida extraordinaria y tul rosa transparente para no cargar demasiado la imagen.
Disenar los detalles que marcan la diferencia, experimentar con ideas probando directamente en la modelo (Luz), ensenarle distintas formas de colocar el mismo cinturon, inventar un velo que cae del hombre y luego no simplemente decora sino puede formar una especie de chal para cubrir los hombros y dar otro toque al vestido. Produccion local sostenible combinada con concepto Luxury Recycling son unos de los sellos de la marca.
Hechos de telas nuevas, de las ultimas temporadas, actuales y de tacto muy agradable, algunas innovadoras, donde se mezclan los hilos de alta gama y con mucha fantasia. This is further enhanced by the huge shift in consumer behaviour as people move their browsing and shopping activity to personal devices like tablets and mobile phones.
In part nine of this series, we explore an exciting way to use Divi’s new Global Modules. Because once you have created your new blog look using the Global Post Title Module, the style can be changed across your entire blog without having to edit every single post! This will enable the builder and allow you to construct your post from top to bottom using builder elements.
Experimenting with the various settings within the Post Title module can yield a multitude of results.
Creating a new post title module with the exact same settings each time you write a new blog post takes time. Your post title, meta data and featured image are grabbed by the module without additional instruction. Since this same mode has been added to each page, once you have edited the module in one location, the change will be pushed to all instance of the global module.
I hope you are enjoying using the Divi Builder on your blog posts, and I look forwarding to seeing all the beautiful posts you create! A workaround I have found is create new pages with urls and manually create a category page, then re-direct the category and blog url to these new pages.
I am aware you can create a page and use the divi blog module, but that doesn’t help as I cannot edit the ACTUAL POSTS PAGE as well as the post category pages. The one described in this blog post, and one where you just change the global style for each category. I would rather be able to to build a post template outside of the posts and set that as default within the customizer. I can tell you however that the image sizes we’re using in the videos is quite large. I really enjoyed this free-roaming approach of seeing environments through shapes and scribbles rather then sitting down with a concrete idea of what the environment is going to look like ahead of time. Por la tarde, Migi en unos instantes creara unos looks actuales, mezclando tendencias y colores.
Esta temporada los tops y los jerseys de patchwork son las prendas mas intrigantes de la coleccion. Furthermore, if you have created 1,000 blog posts and used your new post title module at the top of each, what would happen if one day you want to adjust the layout?
The module only controls the organization of those elements, which will be shared by each instance of the global module.
Alternatively, you could adjust the layout of only your most popular posts first or run a recycle post campaign every so often to do a little at a time, over time.
I love using Divi to style my posts, but I don’t really want to go back and edit all my blog posts. I realize we can create custom templates in a child theme but I’m talking in Divi directly. There is no way to gain the result you show in your YouTube video without something custom beyond what you guys are telling us. Two romantics, creative souls, the photographer and the craft designer, met a year ago and from there never separated. You would be forced to go through all 1,000 blog posts to adjust the post title module inside each one! Surely Divi has a setting I am missing to change the layout of the actual blog and archive pages without creating manual addition pages. When people click this category they are greeted with the standard wordpress archive template, an ugly list of my posts, not the stylish blog grid system used in the divi blog module. However, I see some resizing to his second image so there must be some set parameters involved in the built in coding. Luckily we can avoid the hassle by saving our custom post title module to the Divi Library as a Global Module. Please let me know if I am missing something here, I go to the wordpress main blog page within wordpress page editor and it will not allow me to create a new layout or even use the divi page builder at all. I want to get the look you appear to have in your video on YouTube where you discuss using the Divi Builder for posts. I won’t be going over everything to do with Global Module, since this has already been covered in our previous post.
As a work around I could manually add pages for use use as category pages with different urls to the actual category archive, and then re-direct all archive pages to go to this new page (very hacky and time consuming way but a work around none the less). Is there a way to show the posts grid module on the main blog page and category pages without creating addition dummy pages to deal with this.
You got a nice sized almost square image AND were able to set the padding 0px to get the title on the lower border of the image.

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