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Cross Tattoo Designspeople have been getting cross tattoos for hundreds of years for many reasons,Below you'll find the cross tattoo designs designs, each with full color and tattoo stencil.
There are many different symbols out there in the body art world, but one of the most popular is the cross design.
This may make you think that all crosses are religious in nature, but that is not always the case.
Men are probably the largest group that wear tattoos of cross designs, but they are not alone. Arguably the most popular of all cross tattoos the Christian cross is a symbol on the Christian faith.

Tattoos of crosses designs can be found in many different forms, and are easily customizable. Tattoos of crosses can be symbols of religion or it can simply be a symbol of ones spirituality which does not necessarily have anything to do with religion.
Many women also sport crosses, and it is the versatility of cross body-art that make them so popular for men and women alike.
This is a symbol that is used to remember how Jesus Christ died on the cross at the hand of the Romans.
Throughout history there have been many different crosses, and this history is yet another factor that makes cross tattoos so mouldable to different people's tastes.

This is simply a vertical line intersecting with a horizontal line at the middle of each line.

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