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Arabic calligraphy (???? ??????) is a very important aspect of Arabic art and culture that has enjoyed an important status in Arabic culture for centuries. Arabic writing has been in use before the advent of Islam, but it is believed that it was rather primitive then, and that it started to gain its important status as a competent system of writing in the first century after the rise of Islam.
3- Kufi (??????) named after the city of ‘Kufah’ in Iraq is distinguished for its angularity and squareness. Arabic calligraphy has been extensively used in a number of purposes, not just for printing.
I do not know for sure what it means, but one of the readers suggested that it would be a praise for Ali.
The last calligraphy in this post with the Arabic word ????????? for Freedom is due to the Palestinian calligrapher Nihad Dukhan. I was talking to friend yesterday about arabic calligraphy and I am glad I found your blog while surfing.

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In Arabic and Islamic culture, calligraphy has enjoyed a distinguished status, due to its use in the writing of the Qur’an and in Islamic architecture.
Zip files are also available in case you would like to download all 26 letters from A to Z. Second, Islam does not approve the depiction of living creatures in art, which encouraged Muslim artists to excel in the art of calligraphy. Furthermore, calligraphy was utilized in architecture, textiles, and other materials, rather than being restricted to writing on paper. Third, the spread of Islam in Asia and Africa resulted in the adaptation of the Arabic alphabet by various peoples and the evolution of many new calligraphic styles as a result.

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