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When you order a custom tattoo design like this Trojan warrior, we create the design to your liking. Even though this Trojan warrior tattoo design is in black and white, we can create a colored tattoo design for you. Our tattoo designs can be printed from your computer and then all you have to do is bring them to a tattoo parlor and the artist at the parlor will resize it to your liking. Tattoos are a great cultural phenomenon and its roots are firmly stored in symbolism and superstitions prevalent in the particular culture. Some people wear it just as a mark of pride in their culture while others go for it due to aesthetic reasons or because they are fascinated by the art and culture of the country. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Chinese Writing Tattoos, Foo Dog Tattoos, Samoan Tattoos and Chinese Tattoos. The holy symbol, carved in bold font with henna looks quite catchy and has a beautiful display. The Indian chakra tattoo is a symbol of truth and victory which is also in the center of the national flag. The toe decorated with red nail polish looks more pretty when the blue peacock feather sits on it.
This is a Thai version of the warrior god with a monkey face who had a pivotal role in the epic Ramayana. This colorful neck piece has the face of a tribal woman with long feathers and a braided tail. The profile image of a tribal girl with feather and colorful beads in her hair looks charming.

Unique tattoo piece with a metal color shade and a different mouth shape that is slightly messed on the side of the forehead.
Another arm piece with the face of the chieftain who is growing old but still looks handsome.
Featuring a skull with feathers in head, a red-head band and a beaded piece running across his face, this tattoo is really cool. The sweet Indian girl with red feathers in her head and rosy cheeks etched near the flower looks amazing.
Encircled around the arm, this is a knotted band with an eagle at the center and colored beads and feather hanging from it. The large and typical tribal face of the man has sleepy eyes and a calm look on his face that appears sad.
This old man with loosened skin and long hair bearing feathers seems to have widened with age. The knotted arm band with beads, celtic design and a feather looks artistic and serves as an ornamental piece. The Ganesha tattoo is considered to be auspicious and worn by many as he is a very popular Indian god.
This Indian woman, wearing a sari and holding guitar, with angel wings presents a cool tattoo piece. This is a memorial tattoo with father, grandfather and little sister carved around the lotus flower.
Amazing arm piece that has a girl’s face with large and colorful feathers in her hair looks very pretty.

Throwing a harpoon to kill an animal, the tribal man with his flowing hair presents an awesome picture.
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We hope our photo encourage you to be used for your lovely tattoo.There are 18 enchanting photos more that you can see below including Temporary Tattoo Design On Back For Cute Girls image, Henna On Clients Leg And Hand image, Symbol Temporary Tattoo Waterproof Stickers image, Snack Custom Temporary Tattoos For Men image, Body Custom Temporary Tattoos Design image, Henna Temporary Tattoos For Hand Women image, and other.
The traditional Indian tattoos are crafted through the henna leaves that have a temporary color.
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However, with time they have also graduated into modern tattooing art and henna designs are not the only thing that you get in the Indian tattoos segment. Below is a list of 30 Indian tattoos that will give you more details and information about them. The Indian gods, tribal faces of men and women and holy symbols enjoy huge popularity with the people.

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