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As mentioned in part 1, it's worth knowing how to draw bubble letters because of their fun appearance, simplicity (once you know how) and usefulness for all kinds of cheerful lettering purposes (party invitations, 'Keep Out' signs, totally upbeat and legal graffiti, etc.)This page continues with my own method showing how to draw bubble letters based on a circle, so that they look very bulgy. The important thing to note while drawing these three letters is that the little central blob does not extend as far as the construction circle.
Something about the attitude of bubbly 'W', with its big base topped off by three diminutive sparkly bulges, seems quite exuberant.
The usual copyright notices apply: use these instructions as much as you like, print them, teach with them (if the lessons are free), improve upon them, etc a€“ but don't sell the instructions or the images in any form.
This site uses cookies to keep track of some visitor activity and information, which cannot be used to identify you. From Sarah: I had the pleasure of designing a save the date card (and getting extra creative) for photographer Beth Morgan and her beau, Michael, for their spring 2012 wedding. We wanted a unique, interactive save the date to set the tone for their April wedding and to get guests excited about traveling to the South.
The last panel features a mini glassine envelope holding a hang tag so guests can mark their calendar! Check out the Designer Rolodex for more tal­ented wed­ding invi­ta­tion design­ers and the save the date gallery for more beau­ti­ful cus­tom save the dates! You can do that with the much better and strikingly different alphabet that you design yourself.

Created by Sarah of August Blume, Beth and Michael’s modern and whimsical save the dates combine beautiful lettering from Feast Calligraphy, chevron stripes, a fun interactive layout, and cut-out details. It's not too clear on the diagram above but what I did in 2 was to place a dot on the bottom-left-to-top-right diagonal, halfway between the centre and the outer edge. The internal triangles and dividing line define a strong diagonal line in the same way so that the letter is easily recognisable. Right!
I hope you don’t mind but I may use this idea when it comes time to plan our wedding!
The little triangular holes that define the S-shape should be positioned with their innermost edge centred on those dots.
The dividing lines emerging from the little internal triangles point down to the left and up to the right, not straight across.
Still, the three letters all show slightly different characters, because of their different orientations. But 'R' and 'U' ended up somewhat compromised because however much I played around with them, they always ended up shorter than the other letters in proportion to their width. Notice too how the triangles are defined further by the two horizontal lines added in step 3. As a side-note on this, I tried constructing the 'Z' as a straightforward mirror-image of the 'S' and it didn't work.
By looking at their ordinary printed forms, you'll see they each have three protrusions.

Bubble-letter 'E' to me looks a little frowning but at the same time quite jolly underneath.
It all depends what effect you want.The final bubble letters on this page are 'P', 'R', and 'F'. That horizontal is what makes the nice bulgy, bubblish 'chest' and 'back' of the letter, and makes it recognisable as an 'S'. This is because 'Z' is characterised by a strong, straight diagonal a€“ whereas 'S' is very much defined by the horizontal tendency in the middle of its sinuous bend.
Perhaps he is wondering where he left his beer, or else she is telling off her nephew for being cheeky while actually thinking it's quite funny. If you look at them in this sentence, you can see that they belong together because all three consist basically of a long left-hand vertical with another shape tacked on at top right. I could extend it a little, but then it wouldn't fit inside a circle, and the basic principle of this alphabet is the letters fit into a circle. The different angles on the internal triangles are clues that help the eye recognise and read the different letters. At this stage of how to draw bubble letters it is about judgment almost as much as following the formula.

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