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Daily Bible and Prayer is a free Windows application designed specifically for personal devotion, prayer, and Bible reading.
Daily Bible and Prayer's Prayer Tracker can manage your prayer list, no matter how small or large. For a complete Bible study library, be sure to consider SwordSearcher, featuring numerous resources and unique features. We have someone who knows the future and the past, who has unlimited wisdom and resources and who is saying that He will help us. In addition to tons of great youth devotions, we also offer discipleship tracks for those teenagers wanting to really take their relationship with God to the next level.
Thank you for sharing these wonderful coloring pages, definitely will come in handy during Christmas when all the kids are over at my place and I need something to keep them occupied while the adults are busy and enjoying themselves.
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When starting a new plan, you can choose from two different Bible-in-a-year plans, or create a custom plan based on what you need to read and when you need the reading completed. Both active and answered prayers are tracked, allowing you to easily keep up with all of your prayers and praises.

It might be the fear of speaking in front of others, the fear of heights, the fear of going to the dentist, or perhaps some other fear. When we realize the fact that God is on our side, that He’s ready to walk with us through any situation or circumstance that we might face, we can see why He tells us to not be afraid. Depending on what you like, you can start by picking a youth devotion to listen to or youth devotion to read from our devotions on many different Bible study topics. Teenagers can do awesome things for God and these devotions are a great way to get started.
There’s destruction, wars, famine and tons of other things that try to steal our peace.
Yes, there are crazy things happening in the world, and yes those things can seem scary and overwhelming at times, but our response as Christians shouldn’t be fear.
Maybe this Christmas the Christmas tree will remain intact instead of being subject to the carnage of hide and seek by the kids! Four little ones will have an age-appropriate picture of the Nativity to color in preparation for Advent!
I was wondering if I’d be able to buy one of these images to use on a personal holiday card?

Spurgeon's edifying personal daily devotional, Faith's Checkbook, is included in the software. SwordSearcher features powerful searching and many useful time-saving tools, pop-up verse referencing, pop-up Strong's Greek & Hebrew definitions, Topic Guide, "Deep Referencing" which links all relevant material to verses, and more. Regardless of what type of fear it is, we all face situations in life when we’re afraid. So if the news and what is going on in the world leaves you scared and feeling afraid, take comfort. I’ve used them with our Chruch Bulletin and our Sunday School Children who have loved them. You’ve got Jesus on your side and He’s got peace for you when you experience torment and fear!

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