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If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Zombie Tattoos, Shark Tattoos, Leopard Print Tattoos and Fish Tattoos. Although most girls go for tattoo on just one foot, this image shows why your design can continue to both of your feet and still be great. Floral patterns are a great combination for butterfly tattoos, and using some space on lower legs adds to the delight.
A beautiful depiction of why it’s not explicitly necessary to use the side of your feet for tattooing. The prime attraction in any butterfly tattoo is the four wings of the butterfly, so heavy patterns on the wings paint a real picture. Yet another example of why thin dark lines with small simple structures like stars look astonishingly elegant. You can also go for a horizontal pattern like this to suit your taste instead of the highly popular inclined (at an angle) tattoos. Simple in design, this tattoo does not use floral patterns at all to adorn the vicinity of the butterfly. A delightful combination of colors and design in a tattoo with floral lines along the right-angled structure of the foot.
The wings of the butterfly are very similar in structure and color to the floral designs with leaves. This design relies on richly colored outlines to get a butterfly structure, delivering a floral butterfly.
Components of small tattoos get more attention as compared to big ones as they have nothing else to take your attention. Although one single butterfly seems more stunning, people with a taste for more than one can also get a number of butterflies inked, with each showing its unique colors. Using some specific colors on the wings and drawing a netted structure appeals as more realistic than other ones.
The greenish-blue butterfly on the top seems so beautiful; even without its wings filled in, it looks great. This almost three-dimensional look integrates just the right combination of colors and shadow to give a beautiful butterfly that can be mistaken for real.
The white dots on the border of the wings along with the great color combination makes this tattoo amazingly appealing and real-life.
Real Butterfly Inked on the foot of the lady is really looking so real and natural and her feel is really looking so beautiful with a butterfly inked on it.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Rip Tattoos, Joker Tattoos, Turtle Tattoos and Fish Tattoos. Add a little sunshine and color to your life with this bright and attractive ladybug on a flower. This cute scenic tattoo, with a ladybug riding on a tortoise, holds a beautiful story within it. Lovely bright red ladybug tattoo on the wrist is sure to bring joy and happiness to your life.
Bright red ladybug, perched on a contrasting dull black flower, looks exquisite and attractive. Cute blue flowers and bright red ladybug adorn the symbolic triquetra symbol to make it more meaningful. This beautiful ladybug tattoo, inked with bright and vivid colors, is sure to fill your life with happiness and joy. Your life will never be devoid of good luck and happiness when these three little ladybugs are with you forever. Beautiful flying ladybug tattoo will bring good luck and fortune and take you to new heights in life. Add some spice to your life with this elegant and attractive ladybug tattoo on the shoulder. Cute little ladybug on a leaf carries a deep symbolic meaning to make your life special and important. Lovely details and attractive colors make this little ladybug tattoo a special piece of art. This ladybug tattoo in bold red and black shades will add style and elegance to your outlook. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Flower tattoo behind the ear - This is a good spot for those who want to hide their small tattoo.
Tattoos are a fashion accessory that are displayed with equal fervor by both the sexes and the gender boundary is not so clearly laid out in terms of looks and designs. Talking about feminine tattoos, women like to sport designs that find consonance with their nature. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Hot Tattoos, Girls With Tattoos, Beautiful Tattoos and Pink Tattoos. Soft and dainty, the bird has a soft grace and sweet look that is quite similar to feminine charm of a woman.
Feminine arm tattoo that expresses the heartfelt desire of a woman carved with a charming red heart. Roses and women are as inter related as fish and water, they love flowers more than anything else.
The flames and the curvy design on the upper back of the woman, laid bare, looks appealing. The innocent and delicate quail with the intoxicating California poppie flowers stand for the cocktail of feminine charm. The sleeping wolf painted in black and grey with shades of pink represents the cunning and soft shades of feminine nature. The love birds on feet with stars and little red hearts having a liner related to Valentine’s day look cute. The Chubby kitty in a dancing pose with musical notes symbolises women’s love for dance. The butterflies and the pink and white cherry blossom flowers are a manifestation of the feminine grace. Miniature space created on the upper back has an exquisite charm and looks simply breathtaking. The sweet little flying sparrow with a trail of musical notes, carved on the forearm, symbolises the honey-laden voice of women. The mysterious mermaids are in the process of being painted as a full back piece on the sexy back of this girl. The feathers woven in a circular shape to create a paisley look in center has a charming look. Tiny cherry blossom flowers flowing on the shoulder look beautiful and typify the soft feminine grace.
Good tattoo quote carved on the foot of a woman along with a heart shape has a sober and deep meaning. The black and white tattoo design with floral prints, carved on the arm, has a feminine touch.
Flowers and floral designs are a favorite with the women and they love to wear them as tattoos. Hot and sensuous, this model looks more appealing due to the tattoos placed on her different body parts. The gorgeous woman with their tattooed arms, bearing flowers and branches, make elegant dance poses. Skull and flower, created on the arm, have a dark and mysterious color scheme that looks attractive.
The black and white design on the back and arm of this voluptuous model has a sensuous look. Women always look for grace and beauty and this is clear in this camera tattoo embroidered with flowers.

The tattooed arm of the model has tiger, roses and a seal, together creating a cool collage. The model in her blue dress with a tattooed belly and hands makes for an alluring portrait. Sitting in a river, the model with red hair makes a cool pose that shows her tattooed arm in full display. The model holding flowers in her hand and sporting a side tattoo running from toe to arm looks damn sexy.
Need a drawing of 5sets of footprints on top off my right foot kids intials under each set. An alarming percentage of tattoo cover ups come from individuals who made the ultimate mistake and got a tattoo from someone who runs them from home.
When this happens, there are basically two options, either an expensive laser removal session(s) or a tattoo cover up.
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The cherry blossom flower is another all time favorite and is a symbol of awakening, change and new beginnings.
All flower tattoo designs can be done by utilizing a bold outline and bright colors, a more of a traditional style if you will, while some flowers are done in more of a realistic manner, being meticulous with the exquisite details.
Memorial tattoos are a way for family members and friends to show love, respect, adoration, and memories, A tribute if you will.
Now a days, almost everyone has been affected or knows someone who has been affected with cancer. I think that getting a tattoo of a cancer ribbon is an excellent way to show support, respect,and acknowledgement of those we have lost, and to those who are still fighting their battles. Often times we find ourselves in situations, social or otherwise that allows us to admire someone’s tattoos.
I’m often asked what types of tattoos are the most popular and the answer really depends on the clientele we get. This entry was posted in Articulture Tattoo, black and grey tattoo, body piercing, color tattoo, flower tattoo, line work, linework, new school tattoos, old school tattoo, portrait tattoo, professional tattoos, realism tattoo, realistic flower tattoo, Tatt Buzz, tattoo artist, tattoo collector, tattoo flowers, tattoo ink, tattoo machine, tattoo portrait, tattoo shop, tattoos, traditional flower tattoo, traditional tattoos and tagged angel tattoos, angel wing tattoo, Articulture Tattoo Studio, black and grey tattoo, color tattoos, florida tattoo shop, Fort Meyers tattoo shop, new school tattoo, portrait tattoos, professional tattoo, realism tattoo, swfl tattoos, Tatt Buzz, tattoo artist, tattoo machine, tattoo portraits, traditional tattoo, winged angel tattoo on January 31, 2014 by admin. Dragons are a popular tattoos to both men and woman, each person finding a different, and perhaps personal reason and symbolism behind the dragon. Dragons can be tattooed in a variety of different styles, ranging from tribal dragons to traditional dragons or even realistic dragons. The decision to get a dragon tattoo makes a particularly powerful personal statement, rich with diversity for the individual who chooses it as a form of self-expression. No matter black or white, traditional or realistic, Eastern or Western, the tattooed image of a dragon will likely never lose appeal.
It has only been in recent history that tattoos have started to be recognized as not just markings, but as a true art form. As proof of the latter paragraph, the Musee du Quai Branly, a prestigious art institution in Paris, is planning an exhibition in May of 2014 that will feature the artistic medium of tattooing. As is the case with contemporary art, questions about originality and copyright have emerged lately.
Just as expensive artwork requires preservation measures be taken to keep it in its original condition, there have been skin preservation measures taken after the death of the bearer of a fine tattoo. No matter what you plan to do with your tattoo during life, or after death, you can be assured to get the best artwork available in the nation done right here at Articulture. This entry was posted in Tatt Buzz and tagged articulture, body art, tattoo parlors in fort myers on July 22, 2013 by admin. Articulture has issued an apology to some of the tattoo shops in Fort Myers that became offended at the recent radio commercial put out by Southern Florida’s premier tattoo shop. Articulture Founder, John Improta, explained that since opening the shop in Fort Myers, he has seen a lot of poor work being produced by some of the local artists.
Another thing that Improta claims is that many of these artists are applying tattoos on people that should be turned away. Improta takes great measures to assure that the tattoo artists employed by him are amongst the best in the nation, and feels like all tattoo establishments should follow suit. This entry was posted in Tatt Buzz and tagged articulture, body art, tattoo shops in fort Myers on June 27, 2013 by admin. Articulture is the premier Fort Myers tattoo shop, offering the latest and greatest tattoo techniques to their customers. Permanent makeup is actually a well-placed and properly colored tattoo that gives the impression that you are always wearing makeup. This entry was posted in Tatt Buzz and tagged articulture, fort myers tattoo, permanent makeup on June 20, 2013 by admin. Of all the types of tattoos available for women, perhaps tattoos on the neck and foot are the most appealing. Also, if the tattooist knows how to use colors, your feet are bound to get a seductive touch. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Irrespective of their symbolic meanings, tattoos are popular just for their fascinating designs. Ladybug tattoos are very flexible as they can be easily combined with other designs like flowers, butterflies, angels, birds and lots more to create beautiful designs.
Boys and girls wear what they like and the design of the tattoo depends on the taste and choice of the person who is wearing it. These tattoos exhibit softness, grace, beauty, sweetness and various other qualities that are associated with women. I can never decide weather I prefer the coloured or black and white styled ones, but I guess both can look great. Covering a tattoo can sometimes be a challenge depending on the size, location, and design. It is important that you spend some time and really think about the tattoo you are wanting to get.
Birthdays, anniversaries, to wish congratulations to aspirations, and misfortunes, appreciation and so on. This usually takes place after the loved one has passed away, but there are situations where that’s not always the case. We sit there fascinated and eager to learn more about these fire-breathing, winged creatures. Knowing the difference in style, description and representation is very important when looking for a dragon tattoo.
For females, a dragon tattoo usually symbolizes strength, and protection,and wisdom,  where as a males dragon tattoo would more likely represent courage and power and ferociousness. Before, the integration of art into the tattoo world was usually identified as performance art. The display is to be called the “Tatoueurs, Tatoues,” or “Tattooists, Tattooed.” Internationally renowned tattoo artists will create the works of art specifically for the show.
Those seeking amazing works of art have been going to the world wide web in search of designs, or at least ideas, of what may be the right piece of art work to adorn their bodies. There are those who feel as though their work should remain strictly theirs, and that not just anyone has the right to copy it.
Both the Wellcome Collection in London and the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum feature tattoo skins that have been cut from corpses and preserved. They are the only tattoo shop in Fort Myers that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and they place customer service as top priority. In the commercial, consumers were warned of unprofessional and inferior tattoo artists in the area. He said that not only did the tattoos lack creativity and style, but were applied using inferior methods, using no blending or shading. People who don’t know what they are doing, or who are completely naive to the permanency of the procedure, should be turned away and given time to consider their decision. He believes many of the shops in the Fort Myers area should raise the qualification standards of their artists by providing better training and extensive critiquing of their work before allowing them to move forward as a fully qualified tattoo artist.
It has become a specialized service in the makeup industry, as well as the tattoo industry. For instance, breast cancer patients who undergo breast reconstruction after mastectomies can have nipples applied with the tattoo methods.

While it is very handy and saves time, you lose the ability to vary the color of eyeliner you wear, or other features, and tattoo removal can be very difficult, so it’s important to be very confident of exactly what you want. Floral patterns, especially those with butterflies, look great when done with a touch of imagination and creativity. Butterflies evoke freedom and adventure, and impart a soft touch much cozy and different from the signs of power and ferocity.
They are a special form of body art as they make a permanent change to one’s personality. Due to their bright colors and adorable details, these ladybug tattoo designs are very popular among women. Still, there are certain tattoo designs that are preferred by one gender more than the another.
The most common designs that they like are flowers, birds, fishes and cute cartoon characters.
There are so many people who do not think before committing themselves to something permanent on their bodies.
If they were aware of just how terribly wrong it could go, no one would ever get a tattoo out of someone’s dirty kitchen or basement. Coming up with an original tattoo idea is essential in creating a piece that is custom for you.
They almost always conjure some type of feelings or emotion, which would explain why flower tattoos are so highly coveted. Flowers are so diverse their designs can be combined with butterflies, birds or even some delicate filigree. Often times I see our clients get a tattoo that shows support and recognition of a loved one.
There are 21 types of cancer ribbons, different colors correlating to the specific types of cancers.
I love to hear the stories behind the tattoos, hearing the level of emotional appeal makes me appreciate their tattoo even more. Western dragons are visualized as a bad omen,or maniacal, evil creatures that breathe fire, burn down villages and destroy just about anything it comes into contact with.
The Spanish artist, Santiago Sierra, was a prime example of this in 2000 when he hired four prostitutes, and filmed them having simple black lines tattooed across their backs.
This not only benefits the tattoo recipients, but the artists as well, placing their portfolios out for the world to see. The Irish performance artist, Sandra Ann Vita Minchin, had a recreation of a 17th century painting by Jan Davidsz tattooed on her back. The skilled artists at Articulture will sit with a client and help create a design for them that will put a smile on his or her face.
The reason for the radio spot was not to belittle or slander any particular business, but to bring to the attention of tattoo shop owners the fact that some of their artists were not looking out for the best interest of the customers and the industry reputation.
He added that this type of second-rate bodywork and lack of attention to details also leads to a danger of infection to the customers.
For instance, a young girl who comes into the shop on a whim, wanting the majority of her body covered in black ink, should not be serviced on that date. He states that just passing the licensing test should not qualify anyone to start work immediately unless there has been a successful apprenticeship and a proof of abilities to the shop owners. Articulture does not yet offer the service, but provides some information on a service that they may be offering in the future. How often do you get impatient if your computer takes a few extra seconds to process something? Those who lose their hair may wish to have eyebrows applied permanently, or those who have lip scars can have the lip color smoothed out with the tattoo method. While men like tattoos that show their masculinity, women love to sport cute and colorful tattoos like ladybugs, butterflies and flowers that add a touch of elegance to their femininity. Bacteria, cross contamination, and infection IE: AIDS, HEP B are just a few of the hazards when receiving a tattoo from home.
A blooming flower tattoo on its own has the ability to grow into a large bouquet over time should the individual decide to add to it.
Because a lotus flower forces its way up to the waters surface, desperate to feel those rays of sunshine, it is often used to represent an individuals emergence from a hardship or a difficult period of life. For example, not very long ago a female came in with her mother and wanted the Breast Cancer ribbon tattooed on her.
Angel wing tattoos come in various styles and designs and I find each and every one of them equally beautiful and in some way, very appealing. The mere fact that they are able to dance in this space between two worlds is truly beautiful. Not unlike graffiti, today tattoos have become more than just cult art, but collectible art. The issue comes into play when one tattoo artist copies another, then claims that the work is original. She has plans to have her skin preserved once she dies, and sold to the highest bidder at auction. Articulture knows that by looking out for the safety and satisfaction of their customers, they are paying tribute to the entire tattoo industry.
The body artist has a responsibility to sit with her and review the ramifications of what she is about to do. Articulture knows that by looking out for the safety and satisfaction of the customers, they are paying tribute to the entire tattoo industry.
When we are in a hurry, how frustrating is it that a red light seemingly keeps us stopped for what we perceive as an eternity? When you visit an establishment that provides permanent makeup, you can choose whatever color you want your makeup to be, and the tattoo artist will draw on the areas on your skin that will be pigmented.
Butterfly tattoos on foot enriched with colored floral patterns curling down the feet are a sight to behold.
They were intoxicated, or didn’t research the meaning of a symbol, were very young, perhaps it is an ex loved ones name. Often times dainty flower tattoos do just the opposite as they make for excellent fillers around the main focal point of a tattoo.
I had assumed that it would be a memorial tattoo, but in fact it was to represent the endless courage, determination and incredible unwavering strength her mother demonstrated while fighting her battle with Breast cancer. They are noble creatures with distinct honors and powers, and considered to be very intelligent. Improta emphasizes the importance of tattoo shops acting in a manner that will most benefit the client and the industry, not what will make the shop a quick dollar.
No matter the reason, they are now stuck with a tattoo they no longer desire to have on their bodies. Custom tattoos can a bit more expensive, however it is far more expensive having to cover up a poorly done tattoo, or go through the painful laser removal process. It is speculated by many in the industry that this practice of preserving tattoos posthumously is very likely to become quite common as the 20-year-olds of today enter their senior years.
Permanent makeup is just another way to save minutes and decrease the preparation time to getting ready in the mornings, so it’s no wonder why make up wearers are clambering to become a part of the permanent makeup movement. The ink is not placed deep into the skin; it remains in the top layers only, however it can sting a little, just as conventional tattoos sting when being applied.
Here are 50 feminine tattoos that will bring out the essence of the feminine tattoos in a wonderful way.
The pigment will not appear as the color you selected for about three weeks, until it has faded to the right shade. A design producing an almost real impression of a butterfly sitting on your foot is really wonderful. She said that cancer of the breast wasn’t going to make her any less sexy, and wanted to get a black lace bra tattooed on her.

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