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This isn't the classic daisy chain, it's open with strands of seed beads making stems between the daisy. Since it didn't photograph well with all the shiny silver lined beads, I remade it in purple so it's a bit clearer. You can use more colors and use it as a way to clean up spilled seed beads in your bead tray.
String on 9 green beads, and pass your needle and thread down through the 4 bead from the end to create the leaf picot, add 5 more green beads. Add 4 flower color beads, and one center bead, then pass your needle and thread up through the first flower color bead. Add 2 more flower color beads, and pass your needle and thread down through the 4th flower color bead from the previous step.

In my example, 8 flowers was long enough to make a bracelet (the purple example) and I made the last stem only 3 beads.
Daisies or other flowers on the feet are cute too, because you can see yourself standing on plants. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. I really liked Sono for the daisy chains, it's pretty strong which is a good thing for something like this that doesn't have a bunch of thread passes. Then I add the clasp on an 8 bead loop, and did another chain in the opposite direction to the other clasp using 3 beads for the last stem on that one which offset the two chains.
An otherwise unadorned and plain part of the body all of a sudden gets its time in the sun.

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