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Tattoos of flowers are some of the most common types of tattoo for both men and women to get inked onto their body. When you're thinking about getting a tattoo you really want to find the best artist and make sure your new tattoo looks amazing!
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Norse Symbolism – According to Norse legends, daisies are regarded as sacred to the goddess Freya. Christian Art Symbolism – For early Christian art, Italian artists used daisies in lieu of lilies to symbolize the Virgin Mary an infant Jesus’ innocence.
Daisies are the month of April’s flower, which is why they’re the perfect choice to give to people celebrating an April birthday. The sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is an annual plant in the family Asteraceae, with a large flower head (capitulum). Helianthus or sunflowers (from the Greek: ?????, Helios, "sun" and ?????, anthos, "flower") L. Bellis perennis is a common European species of daisy, of the Asteraceae family, often considered the archetypal species of that name. Finally if you want to get new and the latest Tattoo Ideas Pictures related with Small Flower Tattoos, please visit other relate pictures below.
With the possibility of variation in size, colour, design and associations, daisy tattoos also hold great symbolic value for the wearer.

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Belides danced in orchards and changed herself into a daisy to hide from the ever-watchful eye Vertumnus, the orchard god. Of course, daisies aren’t always given for upbeat events; they may also be given to symbolize death. The stem of the flower can grow up to 3 metres tall, with a flower head that can be 30 cm wide. Many related plants also share the name "daisy", so to distinguish this species from other daisies it is sometimes qualified as common daisy, lawn daisy or English daisy. For more Tattoo Ideas and Pictures collections go to Tattoo Images Tags below the pictures. And if you like this picture, you can share it to your Facebook, Twitter and GPlus or you can bookmark this site. With a great symbolic history, daisy tattoos have a positive aspect that they can be blended with many elements so as to give a better outcome. If you own the Copyright to any of the images displayed and wish them to not appear on this website, please contact us and we will remove them ASAP. If you don’t know what a daisy looks like, it’s got a dark center that looks similar to an eye with the flower closing in the overnight hours. The common name "sunflower" also applies to the popular annual species Helianthus annuus, the common sunflower.

Historically, it has also been commonly known as bruisewort and occasionally woundwort (although the common name woundwort is now more closely associated with Stachys (woundworts)). We try our best to give you the updated pictures daily, fresh and new Tattoo Ideas Pictures. So, today we have come up with a lot of information about daisy tattoos so that you can understand them well and get convinced for your next tattoo. Bellis perennis is native to western, central and northern Europe, but widely naturalised in most temperate regions including the Americas and Australasia. Also, we have a huge collection of images of different daisy tattoos that can surely give you some idea about the available designs in the market.SYMBOLIC HISTORY OF DAISYThe daisy flower has been associated with different ancient cultures throughout the world since long.
Daisy flower is seen in many Christian art and is believed to represent innocence and purity of the Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.
Some deeper meanings can be formed when daisy is associated with different Christian symbols.VARIATION IN COLOUR AND DESIGNAlthough the most common design of daisy flower portrays a deep yellow centre with white petals, but still there is a variety of species of daisy flowers having different colours.

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