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Norse Symbolism – According to Norse legends, daisies are regarded as sacred to the goddess Freya.
Christian Art Symbolism – For early Christian art, Italian artists used daisies in lieu of lilies to symbolize the Virgin Mary an infant Jesus’ innocence. Daisies are the month of April’s flower, which is why they’re the perfect choice to give to people celebrating an April birthday.
Tattoos have been used since times immemorial and have often been used to symbolize a particular culture, history or simply the many aspects of life such as love, friendship and romance.
Daisies belong to the family of sunflowers and asters and stand for everything that is bright, hopeful and sunny. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Raven Tattoos, Great Tattoo Ideas, Famous Tattoo Quotes and Creative Tattoos. Be grateful to all the blessings in your life with this charming but simple vine of daisies.
A rose and daisy on your belly stand for a life which is filled with both passion and gentleness. That single red daisy on your back indicates that you are ready to take on life with renewed vigor.
Let this little daisy with its petals of blue,green, yellow and pink fill your life with love,laughter and peace. Fill every day and every moment of your life with peace, joy and glory of these beautiful daisies. Carve out your own personal statement about life with this pink daisy as the perfect backdrop. These three cute daisies are not a fantasy,but as real as you, your emotions and your life. There wouldn’t be a dull moment in your life with this little daisy and the lady bug. Breeze through life and its many emotions with these three daisies resting elegantly on your arms. With these tiny assorted blue daisies on your feet, you are destined for something larger than life. You are vibrant,you are energetic and you love life just like this daisy and the butterfly.
Connect with the peace,serenity and innocence in your life with these intricately chained daisies.
Celebrate your artist’s soul with this elaborate tattoo with its numerous details and exquisite shading. Let people be attracted to your sunny disposition with this red daisy resting lightly on your shoulders.

Show off your taste for everything that is beautiful and innocent with this elegantly carved tattoo on your back. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Generally speaking, flower tattoo possess a connection with Mother Nature, evoking feelings regarding life and energy. If you consider yourself an excellent lover, you might want to get tulip tattoos inked on your upper arm which signifies a reputation as an ardent lover. According to one's preference of choice and layout, one can choose a simple one flower tattoo design or perhaps a more elaborate layout blending additional elements within the design such as fairies, butterflies,skulls etc. Includes more than two hundred varieties, the particular hibiscus flower tattoo is widelly seen as a very beautiful, fragile beauty and can be a fantastic shoulder tattoo. Peonies tattoos characterize vulnerable or perhaps even short lived character associated with everyday life, ambition, perseverance together with empathy, at the same time for the married folks, peony tattoo is definitely the symbolic representation associated with completely happy marriage. Because of that, bamboo tattoo in addition their endurance span, they will symbolize trustworthiness, courage, great breeding, long life, good fortune, and also impending celebrity. The traditional Chinese believed bamboo has been food for the Phoenix, the actual mythical bird in which rises from his ashes. Though observed less often inside cherry tattoos, actually less richer compared to the symbols for cherry blossom tattoos as well. Since the blossom takes such a small amount of time, it signifies spring, chastity, and short-lived attractiveness. To some, that symbolizes the truth that humans are usually born in to this world bare and without having possessions, so we return exactly the same way. Taken collectively, daisies and daisy blossom tattoos can easily symbolize many different things such as gentleness, purity, purity inside thought and also love, and also luck to be able to women. They're also the floral of April, so are the ideal choice for those along with April birthday celebrations. A sunflower tattoo design can easily represent worship, hoping, honor, or even appreciation. Together they will represent the final Judgment, as well as the division involving the innocent and also the guilty.
The lotus flower tattoo is often depicted because having a pad-like bottom with upward reaching flower petals.
Since the lotus flower starts during the day as well as closes through the night, it represents the duality regarding nature, e.g. The orchid tattoo is another symbolic representation associated with beauty, elegance, as well as sophistication. Colour from the rose tattoo will have an effect on the tattoo flower meaning too, though the majority of the particular meaning will differs by culture too.

Generally, the Tree of Life tattoo stands for the link within the heavens and then the planet earth.
Vines generally speaking tend to be regarded as as a symbol of development along with a harmonious relationship.
Having tulip tattoos are a great choice suitable for tattoo body art, but you will need to find the perfect tattoo parlor to get your brand-new tattoo. Plumeria tattoo, undoubtedly are a manifestation of greeting, true love, friendly relationship, and also kindness. The final choice will be yours and since it is going to be for life it makes sense to give it a lot of consideration ahead of time.
Poppy tattoos are really exceptional consequently they are mainly featured by females, quite possibly due to the vibrant shades of this unique flower.
If you are uncertain it is actually preferable to hold back until you're totally confident about it. Belides danced in orchards and changed herself into a daisy to hide from the ever-watchful eye Vertumnus, the orchard god. Of course, daisies aren’t always given for upbeat events; they may also be given to symbolize death. To some, a tattoo means a bold fashion statement, while to some others it might be an extension of their own personal beliefs and passions.
Daisy tattoos are intricately feminine and create an aura of innocence and free spirit around them.
If you don’t know what a daisy looks like, it’s got a dark center that looks similar to an eye with the flower closing in the overnight hours.
Flowers used in tattoos are often believed to bring a touch of serenity, well being and gentleness to our lives.
Daisies date back to more than four thousand years and can be found in a variety of colors and shades. They are often carved out on feet to portray the beautiful,soft,and the fragrant moments of living in all their glory.
A flower tattoo done elegantly on your feet is an expression of the spirit of life which resides within you during all times.

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