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When I pictured myself it was always like just an outline in a coloring book with the inside not yet completed. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Sorrow, loss, or failure of any kind leads to depression that is unavoidable for even the toughest lot.
All the standard features were there but the colors, the zigzags, the plaids, the bits and pieces that made up me werent yet in place.
Loving and losing someone, or loving and being not loved back are often leads to misery in love.

In that case, coming across quotes or real-life stories can help in understanding the situation better. But, you can still get over bad times and have a happy life.Lost love or lack of it is also one of the prominent reasons for sadness or depression.
On the other hand, they can also help people understand the harsh realities of life, gather strength, and move on. Depressing Quotes about LifeWhen the mind fills with sorrow and pain, we often end up sympathizing with ourselves, or rather, pitying ourselves. But, these quotes will also make you realize that sorrow is temporary and everything is well in the end.

Read through these wise sayings, they will surely give you hope.The secret source of humor itself is not joy, but sorrow.

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