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All brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners. Previewed not too long ago, version 5.0 of Google Play that features Material Design is sneaking onto the web, ahead of an official launch from Google. I find it weird that some apps in the play store already have the translucent status bar but it isn’t intergrated into these stock apps.
Material design reminds of when Coca-Cola and Pepsi had their fancy looking cans and made em look plain and simple. Great update, but what exactly does Google have against creating a “MY Purchases” tab?
He’s asking for a list of his paid apps to be listed separately from all of the others. I’d just like to point out it rotates differently if you open it all the way and let go, then close it. Very solid phone and a shame its awesome specs are being made laggy and diluted by TW that rolls on for another year looking dated and feeling unoptimized. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
If i recall correctly, Google used to do this but, for reasons unknown to me, removed it from the Play Store quite some time ago. Some people were saying that according to the new design guidelines, the nav drawer is supposed to slide out over the app bar, but it actually slides below it. I spent a solid minute just opening and closing the side drawer so i could see the animation over and over again. Re-reading that post, coupled with my recent job change, gave me the idea to re-evaluate the premise of that article and see if I still believed how important sketching is to an architect.In my new office, my partner Michael Malone sketches A LOT. Time.Prior to me joining the firm, he was the end-all be-all go-to guy in the office for design, business development, office management, employee training and development.
We have 11 employees and a lot of work so let’s just say Michael has to work non-stop to wear all the hats for the responsibilities he is carrying.
Since he spends a lot of time out of the office, he tends to sketch in sketchbooks and not on trace paper, which allows him to not lose any of his work. Afterwards, he has them scanned and distributed to the project architects in our office who will reference them to do their work.
You can see from these sketches that the problems he is trying to think through is at a very high level.

Massing, floor plans, elevation studies, interior spaces … most of it schematic design stuff.
When I told Michael I was going to write this post, I asked if I could borrow his most recent sketchbook so I could scan a few pages. The point I am trying to illustrate is how architects use sketches to work through different sorts of issues. You’ll see, as you scroll through these first several sketches, that Michael is pretty good at sketching, he definitely has a style. He doesn’t do these drawings for presentation purposes, they are simply how he works through and catalogs his ideas. I choose them because they represented his schematic design studies and included plans, sections, elevations, interior perspectives … just about everything except process and construction drawings. Since part of my role here at the office is employee development, I spend a lot of my time sliding from workspace to workspace answering technical questions and discussing how we can document the construction of the project while maintaining the original design intent. As I have matured, this attribute has actually turned into an asset – I am good at shepherding people through a process with considerable patience, I really like to explain things.
They help me work through problems.These are my sketches, they are almost always snippets and small pieces of a larger part.
How does something work … ?These sketches were created as I sat with one of my new coworkers trying to work through a heavy-timber truss in one of our projects. Maybe it’s because the process takes time, requires a person to slow down and think through what they are doing. They are the result of a process, a creative process that is somewhat unique to the world of designers.
However, just this week, I presented a rendered model to a client in which the front of the house had four large rubble columns and when I showed him he was quite disappointed. You see, before Revit, I would hand draw all of my renderings, saving the computer work for the CD’s.
Using Revit, and all of it’s wonderful materials, caused me to lose sight of what a good sketch should be and how helpful they are. Since that conversation (ie;revelation) with my client, I’ve gone through almost an entire roll of trace! Lastly, the architect that designed my home back in 1920, Otto Eggers, was a brilliant sketch artist. I haven’t ever – I mean EVER – personally met an architect who I thought was a good designer who didn’t sketch.

Maybe it’s because the process takes time, requires a person to slow down and think through what they are doing.
You may not think you are very good at sketching but if it helps you work through your thoughts, I would argue that you are in fact, very good at sketching. You literally told my current relationship between my sketches and I, and I felt so hopeful when someone like you talk like that, someone who lives in this profession, inspires me to keep going and push myself more.
Bob Borsonnot sure that it matters all that much anymore – although it should be legible AnicethDo construction lines improve a copy?
YOu are definitely trying to convey information but it is up to you to add the artistic bit. Nobody but me and the one person older than me can block print architectural letters in my office. Good luck at MMA… Bob BorsonThanks Jeff, I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. I think that is pretty cool.Cheers Dan KillebrewAmong all the discussion on the value of hand-eye coordination and the importance of sketching and thinking on problem-solving, this is so far the best post!
Yesterday we did an office clean up and I was dismayed that as we were filling the garbage cans 99.9% of the drawings were computer generated.
Then I stroll up with nothing but trace sketches from the various projects through the 4 years I’ve been there, it was great to see ppl pull them out and look at them. Bob BorsonHi Ted,Thanks for adding your comments to the conversation – I appreciate that.
I thought about adjusting the pictures so that bleed through marks would either disappear or be minimized but decided that was against the spirit of what I was trying to discuss. I have been in the Architectural arena for 55 years + and can honestly say that sketching has been a part of my life the entire time.
When discussing things with my wife, I traditionally will grab a piece of paper to illustrate my thoughts to her as if she were a client.
Bob BorsonThanks – there certainly is that moment of connection between 2d visualization and actual 3d realization that is amazing. My husband and I, both architecturally trained, can’t have a conversation without a pen in our hands and piece of paper!

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