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Rodriguez says that the design of the tattoo is related to Duchess's pedigree bloodline, according to WXII12. Justification: Rodriguez said the tattoo can be used for identification and compares it to branding farm animals. The tattoo artist (right) claims his dog didn't suffer during the process of getting the ink done (left).
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For someone who makes a living tromping down runways in, we assume, incredibly uncomfortable shoes, it seems that the most undesirable place to get a fresh tattoo would be smack on the bottom of one’s foot.
It would appear that Delevingne has grown quite fond of adding permanent ink to her extremities, which presents a curious question: why hands and feet? But the man claims the tattoo can be used for identification and compares it to branding farm animals. Even the most experienced receivers of tattoos will tell you that those parts of the body are amongst the most sensitive, and we’re sure it was no walk in the park for Cara to get her first tattoos there.

Ken Wheeler, an investigator with the state veterinary medical board, explained to WXII12 that tattooing a pet is not illegal unless it can be construed as animal cruelty.
The definition of cruelty in this case takes in the dog feeling pain, or being hurt or maimed.A  Rodriguez maintains that the dog was asleep the whole time.

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