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Infinity tattoo designs are especially popular among st couples and you will often see hearts tattooed next to infinity tattoos or intertwined with them.
Most tattoos that fulfill both of these criteria are religious symbols like the Star of David, cross or aum (om) symbols. Couples that get this tattoo to symbolize their never ending, limitless love will usually get this tattoo in the same part of their bodies to further add meaning to this embellishment.

The infinity tattoo design and symbol, on the other hand, is one that is non-religious, but holds much meaning and is very beautifully simple. If you and your love want to show commitment to each other in the form of a tattoo, the infinity tattoo is an excellent choice. While some people may consider this symbol one for mathematicians, the infinity tattoo design is actually a very popular tattoo design in the general population and in its own right.

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