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With a list of responsibilities and commitments that includes being PTA Vice President, room parent in two classrooms, and a Girl Scout leader, along with several freelance jobs, I absolutely need my planner to keep me organized. The inside of the planner is where you have loads of options – from the format, colors, and layout of the calendar to what you want included at the bottom. Get Our Free Printable Subscribe to our newsletter and receive our free "13 Organizational Hacks and Tips" printable automatically.
I’d love this planner to keep track of the hours I work and also keep our plans organized. March 17, 2014 by Guest Contributor 6 Comments Most days there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. As you can see there are sections for my weekly to do lists and a training overview for the week. This planner is a great size that it fits neatly in my purse and I can have it with me at all times.
I need to write things down – I can't use a digital planner, I still have a calendar hanging on my kitchen wall where I write appointments and birthdays and such! Love the idea of designing your own planner – great to have exactly everything that you need to make it useful for you and your needs. I start out the school year by filling in all of the half-days and holidays, and then plan around them. As you can see in the photo of my planner, I put a section for weather as well as workouts (optimism for the new year). I haven’t used it yet since it starts in 2014, but I can imagine using it daily next year. With 3 children, doctors visits after school activities french lessons and being a girl scout leader we have a lot going on! Between working full time during the week, I also need to keep track of my 6 year old daughter’s activities, parties and appointments. She is an avid runner and enjoys yoga, reading, knitting and spending time with her active family. After receiving your request, we can discuss further details regarding your configuration on the phone. You can choose solid colors, patterns, or a custom photo for your front and back covers; I uploaded two of my favorite photos as my covers.

Something we can use to look back on and see what we did during the year, sort of like a smash book, with pictures and things.
Life can get pretty hectic and this planner looks like it would help keep track of everyone’s schedules. I used my own picture to design the cover that I wanted and decided to use my favorite one of the Pacific Ocean. So the first thing on my to do list for this week is to update my new planner so I am ready to start using it.
I like being able to write down my appointments and commitments, and I especially enjoy crossing them out when they are complete. I further customized with my name and the year, then got ready to set up the interior of the planner. After deciding what image to use (which may have been the hardest part) I moved on to figure out what weekly page layout I wanted. I tried to downsize to the smaller boxes and just like digital it didn't work for me and I was feeling lost. The back few pages are also customizable – I added gridline pages as well as lined pages. Stories about not being seen, always having to sacrifice yourself, the trials and tribulations of love.
By being able to design your own planner, you get the personal planner that works best for your schedule and lifestyle. Suddenly the stories of Persephone, Psyche, Juno and many many others brought my design to life. I was able to find MY stories, where the mythology of the Asteroids was playing out in My life.Asteroids bring a more subtle, personal and expanded way to understand your design.
There are literally tens of thousands of Asteroids, but there will be a handful that speak loudly and persistently in your own life experience. It is here that we can find the stories of women over the ages, how they have been disempowered, and the way home to ourselves. But even more than that, they represent a point of evolution of the feminine consciousness at this time.We are in the midst of a profound cultural evolution where women are stepping up more and more into leadership roles.
Do you want to join a group of women passionate about recovering their powerful original feminine self?This PlayGroup runs for 8 weeks.

There will be time each week for questions about how the Asteroids play out in your personal Design. I have taken courses with other Human Design teachers, but was frustrated that they stayed on the surface of things. Though she explains concepts in a simple understandable way, there is a LOT of information in each class that I will be able to keep working with (“playing!”) for a long time to come. They give us cutting edge techniques to access layers of consciousness hidden beneath the standard chart.For example, if you have a split definition with one significant bridge gate, conventional Human Design teaches that any attempt by you to use the energy of that bridge gate is the ‘not-self’. However, I often find people have significant Asteroids in their bridge gates.It may be Vesta – indicating a strong and passionate focus for your career, or it may be Psyche – a finely attuned sense of how to connect with others. These minor planets are subtle energies, but profoundly influential subconscious influences in your life. You don’t want to be confusing these beautiful and powerful energies as your ‘not self’, that is so disempowering.Asteroids can activate gates in your design that evoke a whole new experimentation with Awareness. The time in Australia will change to 10am from 4 October and 11am from 1 November to take account of Daylight Savings shifts. I’m still processing it…you were spot on with EVERYTHING!JolynneHow do I begin to thank you for your wonderfully inspired and inspiring reading! With every good wish and that others may continue to benefit as much  as I have.Kathleen, SwitzerlandYou are brilliant at what you do. EM, March 2011Just a brief thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reading the other day.
I have had several readings done in the past and I always felt that I was scooped up in some amorphous net from a sea of vagueness wherein I could get a glimpse of what I was about.
It was such a relief having my light and dark gently and respectfully displayed back to me.Edel, USAI have been so deeply moved by this reading. You have given me pieces to puzzles and tools for the next round of life that I will hold dearly forever.Bunny, SydneyI have had a reading before by an analyst.

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