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The shoulder is a perfect spot to get a tattoo as one can flaunt a shoulder tattoo with style or conceal it completely as required. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. With the right tattoo design, it will allow you to express your creativity, mark an occasion, and provide others with a unique insight into your life. Once you’ve chosen the tattoo design, ask someone with artistic talent to sketch your tattoo idea, and explore different options by varying colors and sizes before committing. So, tree tattoos carry the same symbolic value as they are associated with growth and abundance.

Other trees often featured in tattoo designs include apple, beech, cherry, elder, Joshua and maple.
These stylish chick tattoos are very popular among young women as they symbolize freedom and define the personality of the wearer.
Or maybe you’d just like your tattoo design to mirror an image or symbol that is meaningful to you.
For example, the Greeks and Celts believed oak trees to be sacred while ash trees were revered by Scandinavian people. There are numerous beautiful ideas available on the internet for shoulder butterfly tattoos.

The “tree of life” is one of the most popular tree tattoo designs, symbolizing creation, strength, wisdom, protection, knowledge, forgiveness, salvation and beauty.
But, it is not an easy job to decide which one will go best with your style and personality. The following collection can help you find the perfect butterfly tattoo design for your shoulder.

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