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Halloween is coming and writing for Babble has got me thinking in all things Disney so I’ve kind of started this Disney character costume series that I have to admit is SO MUCH FUN!
Well, the next character I chose to dress up as was Princess Merida from the movie Brave… have you seen it? I am totally in love with this, of course I have a bunch of old eye shadows at home…I am going to try this! Definitely a great way to use old shadows, and I plan to be a cat for Halloween, how cute would a silver tone look in my dark hair?
FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box with a little bit of everything we all love wrapped up in one fabulous package. So if you are planning the party decorations then you have to take a look at this Brave Merida Balloon. And now you can enjoy 19 months of Brave fun with this 2013 wall calendar that start way early in 2012. A calendar as nice as this one deserves a special place on your wall maybe next to your desk or above your bed, where ever you place this Brave 2013 calendar it will make it stand out and want you to stare at it. On this t-shirt you can see the red haired Merida and the three bear cubs climbing all over her. This t-shirt comes in all kind of styles, sizes and colors and is availible for kids and adults.
If you really enjoyed the Brave movie then maybe this t-shirt will make you remember it all. And most importantly it is strong so you kids can play and drop it and no worries it will still be there just now it lies on the floor.

This set of tattoos has Merida, Angus and the three bear cubs and they will look so fun on a kids body. The picture shows Merida with her bow and arrow and in the background you see the three bear cubs and of course the Brave logo.
Suprise your kids with a Brave cake made with the help of this Brave Merida Edible Cake Topper. If you like Merida then you gone love this maget that you can use on anything metal like the fridge, school locker, the car and so on.
If not, go to Modern Day Cinderella Costume which links to makeup and hair tutorials at Babble Beauty and outfit and costume instructions at Babble Style, if you’re interested. And of course I made it and thought I was totally original and when I was all finished, googled it, and of course other geniuses have already done it. Scrape it out of its container and into your box with your knife and chop it into a fine powder. I wasn’t too precise about it, I just dipped and brushed and dipped and brushed until the color was what I wanted.
You can still see a bit of my blonde showing through and it had more of a light orangey feel, but it totally worked. I’m a brunette, and I would love to try a few highlights in various shades of brown with a touch of reddish brown. I’ve been doing it on special occasions for myself and on my boys for the last few years. I have dark brown hair and would like to do this for tomorrow but I can’t because I need to get eyeshadow in the right color.

Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. But stillthis is my own concoction I created and really have no idea how anyone else has done it. I always use highly pigmented artist’s pastels, and the color washes out or brushes out by the next day even on my little redhead.
Because i have long natural blond hair colored once (Pink higlights) My mom would kill me if i colored my hair or cut it so ?? I could not find it in the text i would love to know and i might get i colored.
If you have seen it or even just know about Merida, you’d know that she has BIG RED HAIR and I do not. As you all know, my hair is blonde… but it is BIG and why on earth would I spend money on a wig when it’s far more fun to create the look myself, right? I’ve always liked your blonde hair highlighted with just a hint of strawberry blonde. Then I thought of hair chalking, but read horror stories of that too AND I had to get my WHOLE HEAD red, not just sections, so that was out too.
My blonde is a tad bit drab and has a hint of strawberry highlights, but it doesn’t bother me.
Blue would probably bother me, but I’m pretty sure with my next wash {and with a little purple shampoo} my blonde will be back to normal.

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