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If you're a fan of Disney and Pixar's 'Toy Story' series, your face probably lit up when you saw this tattoo!
Take this quiz and see if you can name the Disney movie based on a scene with certain elements removed!
Take this quiz to find out whether or not you can really tell the difference between Disney and non-Disney movies!
Here’s one of those stories that are hard to believe, until you hear that this guy has a Disneyland Obsession. It seems that he has fallen in love, or so the story goes, and his new love doesn’t like the tattoos, so they have to go.

Created by an artist at the Falling Leaves Tattoo Studio in the United Kingdom, this foot tattoo perfectly depicts the marking that Andy lovingly bestowed upon his toys. After spending all those years gathering his Tattoo art, and spending what has to be a small fortune to do¬†accomplish this notoriety, he’s decided to have all of them removed. His love of Disney led him to begin collecting Disney art, but this art is the kind that you wear in the form of body art. I will add that my wife has a tattoo on her ankle, and is very fond of it, plus it looks pretty good.
He claims to be covered with about 2000 Disney Tattoos, yep that’s right, all your favorite Disney characters, and his body is the canvas.

I first read about him on the Orlando Sentinel Blog site, and became intrigued to find out more. I will say that many of the comments at this website, paint a very confusing picture, but you decide for yourself.

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