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Seahorses as Pets, Does a Pet Seahorse make a good Pet for Kids, How to set up seahorse aquariums, Where to buy freshwater seahorse supplies, Seahorse Pictures  and Seahorse Facts for Kids. Seahorses are tiny fishes that are named for the shape of their head, which looks like the head of a tiny horse. There are several different features and characteristics about seahorse that makes it a distinct fish from the league. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.
ABOUTAvid outdoorsman and underwater photographer, Barry Brown has spent the last ten years documenting life above and below water in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Today we know so far 32 species of seahorses but in the depth of the seas there could be even more. In earlier days, there was a lot of confusion and myths that were prevalent regarding the origin and evolution of the sea-horses. There are approximately 40 species that are known to have certain common characteristics and that fit well into the genus Hippocampus of the family Syngnathidae.
Every single creature on earth is distinct in terms of their habitat, their eating habits and reproduction.
He is currently working with the Smithsonian Institution documenting new Caribbean deep-water species and building a one of a kind database.

When I photograph clients underwater, inside the sub, I usually get out on the reef way before the sub does meaning I have some fun time to explore.
There you can browse through our stock image library, quickly determine licensing fees for on-line downloads, and order inexpensive photo art prints on-line. Well Seahorses are saltwater creatures that live in shallow ocean waters and in the sea not in freshwater bodies of water. Finding a suitable micro seahorse hatchery that is run by responsible seahorse breeders is the first step in finding more information whether seahorses as pets are suitable for you and your family . According to some books, they have also been sometimes referred to as strange insects or shellfish. As far as the eating habits of a seahorse are concerned, they feed on the small crustaceans that are found floating in water or otherwise crawling on its bottom. His underwater images can regularly be seen in Sport Diver, Scuba Diver and on the Ikelite website.
Then once the sub arrives I take around 3-5 minutes for my photo-shoot and then normally head right back to the surface.
What is termed a " Freshwater seahorse" maybe closer related to the pipefish rather than the actual genus Hippocampus.
We have heard good reviews about this little seahorses as pets micro hatchery for captive bred seahorses but have not had  personal contact as they live far away from us.

Seahorse is known to have a tube shaped mouth and a thin, long fin with a pointed little head. His image of a "Collage of Corals" seen under blue-light at night recently placed in the TOP 10 images for the 2014 NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) photo contest.
Lately I have been finding all kinds of cool things either on my way out or on the way back and once located I usually go back later with either a macro lens or my trusty 28-70 because when I shoot the sub I use a 10.5mm wide angle.
So among my many cool finds was this little sweetheart swimming from one gorgonian to the next in search of that perfect feeding area or returning to his or her home after a long morning of exploring. Sea horses inhabit both tropical and temperate waters and are found in many different parts of the world. There are over 30 described species of seahorse and many are endangered or at risk of becoming endangered in the near future due to disappearing mangroves, global warming, and poaching just to me a few. Ever since Omar we have not seen many of these or the frogfishes, my guess is they went deep and then just stayed there!I hope all is well out there, it’s off to bed for me!

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