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Dog tattoos are often sported by many people as they are an excellent way of expressing one’s personal affection and love for his or her canine companion.
For those who are fans of man’s best friend, then a dog tattoo might be what they want to have inked.
Dog tattoos have different symbolic meanings to different people and different cultures all throughout history. Today, dog tattoos represent an animal that has become the favorite domestic pet in the world. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Over the course of the past several generations dog tattoo designs have become a perennial favorite. In ancient Greece dogs were the ones that accompanied Hectate through the gates of the underworld.

But the most significant meaning of the dog tattoo probably comes from the Native Americans who believed that this animal was the protector of the occult and secret knowledge. A dog tattoo does not have any specific symbolic meaning and can represent whatever the wearer wants it to. Dogs have been man’s best friend for a long time and they have been exclusively featured in many myths and folklores of the ancient world.
It is not only because dog tattoos look beautiful, but also because of the deep meanings that are associated with these designs. These qualities not only make it an exceptional pet, but also makes it an endearing symbol that has stood the test of time.
The most common symbolic meaning of these tattoos include confidence, loyalty, strength, teamwork, friendship, obedience, protection, courage, intelligence, guidance, determination and perception. Those people who get a dog tattoo design not only want to represent a great animal but also want to represent the great qualities that this animal embodies.

According to ancient Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Celtic mythologies, dogs were also believed to be spiritual guides or psychopomps who assist people in their transition from the physical realm of the living to the non-physical realm of the dead. Whatever the reason, a dog tattoo is sure to look amazing and help the wearer make a bold style statement. This website offers some amazing ideas for these tattoos that can be customized easily to increase its symbolic value.
Dog tattoos can be done in simple black ink, or they can be drawn in attractive coat shades like brown, yellow and white.
Both realistic as well as cartoonish impressions of canines are equally popular as tattoo arts.

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