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Font have always been a great way to denote your information and give a lot meaning to your subject due its different styles and looks. Although these font are provided for free but still do read the usage guidelines before using them on any project.
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New graffiti styles, graffiti alphabet letters, fonts, tagging, sketches, character and works of graffiti artists. Initiation of a project very often meets dead ends but by work and strife it can rise and shine sooner or later.

In the 21st century if you do not keep pace with the ongoing time, people ridicule you and mock at your old-way standards, so always look up to the latest happenings not because for the sake of knowing but because you may develop your interest in it and later on you can share your own school of thought with people in your circle.Well we all have desperately been waiting for FIFA world cup which is around the corner and the countdown has already begun. Take the first ladder and the whole staircase will be as smooth as a piece of cake.When a designer begins to make up a design the first things he thinks of is probably about the font which is complementary to the perceived idea of a logo. This time Brazil is hosting the tournament and 32 teams are already in, to compete with each other in the 12 different cities of Brazil. Being a designer myself, I personally love such kind of fonts and use them on various themes. Big companies and brands are sponsoring the event and large media coverage would be given to the competition which is quite expected.Let’s see the vigor, enthusiasm, setting and fervor of the teams in the field.
It is all about playing, winning and losing is the matter of fate and destiny, the courage, efforts, motivation and conviction are all what counts in the end.I am pretty excited for the fire to burn and obviously we never know who has nailed the trophy in its luck. They possess their own peculiarities and they stand by the logos for which they are picked and preferred.Font is the prerequisite thing a designer is to deal with when he is to compose a document, a personal or a professional work, an art piece or any typography design.

A font has its own meaning and significance, an underlying idea and a thought to make it a compact font. You can grace your desktops and home screens having any of these marvelous FIFA wallpapers, multiply your excitement and euphoria having the glimpse of the accumulation especially arranged for your interest and pray for your country’s victory.It would be great pride if it wins, so let the firecrackers blaze, hands up in the airs, flags hoisting in the sky, screams and shrieks of joy and the enjoyment takes the roller coaster ride because the event is just about to begin on June 12th, 2014. Around the web there are heaps of fonts available as experts try creating new and innovative fonts each day.
You must have thought that what fonts are used by big classy brands, top organization and popular firms.In today’s post I am providing you 20 free fonts used in famous brand logos. These fonts can be used by you if you want any of these to be put in a design, typography poster or in any logo as per your requirements.

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