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First drawing is a small campfire that I made only by pencil and the second is a symbolic fire or symbolic flame drawing in color. Yes, I know, now these a€?flamesa€? look rather like seaweeds but just keep on drawing and follow my instructions. When you draw flames by pencil, it is good to draw the fire darker in the bottom and lighter towards the top.
By slightly tilted pencil, draw a circle of light around the flames, first only by very weak pencil strokes. Now just draw more pencil strokes over the previous layer and gradually darken the outer part of the picture. Just draw flames - draw more branches on the main flame legs that would fit into the ellipse.
Pencil sketch of Rose May 16, 16 02:23 AMLittle did I know I was able to draw till I drew this.
I suppose I should begin by admitting that I’m generally not a big fan of decks in the landscape.
Then suddenly, during the 1980s, decks started to appear hanging off the sides of homes five, ten, fifteen feet above the level of the land below, like some giant stilt-legged spider trying to envelop the back of the house. Although beautifully constructed, given the short distance from the floor to the ground, this site would have been bettered served with a terrace that would have united house and garden. There are however some situations where decks are appropriate: for instance, when a deck is actually the best stylistic match to go with the existing architecture of a home and landscape. If you decide that a deck is right for you, your next task, after finding a good contractor, (building a deck is not a project for the uninitiated and in fact many states require a licensed builder) will be to choose the decking material. Cedar is also a possibility, as it is naturally resistant to rot, but it is a rather soft wood and not ideal for decking. Finally, when designing your deck, make sure that the style and detailing of the deck match that of the house. Recent ArticlesHardening OffWith the price of nursery plantings heading north of the Pole this year, there is every impetus in the world to grow your own annuals and vegetables from seed. The heavy duty Yellow Jacket is a high load, high capacity cord protector designed to manage and protect cables in tough situations. The shapes and size of the wood doesna€™t really matter much, play with it, and use your fantasy. A campfire is supposed to be enjoyed at night, so the surroundings are also supposed to be dark. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. One was deep in my cheek and I required a two hour general anesthesia to remove it and reconstruct a skin flap that would not look like a pirate. Malone is a Distinguished Fellow in the APA and a member in the American Academy of Pain Management.
Malone is a multi-published author in the field of inpatient psychiatry, psychodynamic treatments, and neurophysiology.
In fact, the only kind of decks I’m really fond of are the ones attached to large, luxurious ocean liners. A drive through any modern subdivision will show you example after example of these pressure-treated monstrosities.

Well if you have one of these spider-like things already, you are stuck until time and circumstances allow its removal.  In new construction, or where the opportunity for remodeling exits, keeping in mind some simple rules will help create an outdoor living area that is an asset to your garden, rather than a liability. Next to a modernistic, wooden house, for example, or a rustic chalet-style home, a nicely detailed deck might be the best option for an outdoor living area. Your contractor should be able to offer you a wide variety of options, each with its pluses and minuses. Fir is another option; harder and less prone to splintering, it also develops a lovely sheen with age, The downside with fir is that it must be rigorously maintained with preservatives every year or so.
Building a deck is a remarkably expensive enterprise and there can sometimes be a tendency to cut corners and skimp on what may seem at first glance to be non-essentials. But after you see and learn some simple techniques I am showing here, you will draw whatever flames you like. The surgery went well, but I had my normal bad reaction to anesthesia and got a persistent month long viral bronchitis. And, good parenting dictates protecting those under your care by insisting they wear proper sun protection.
Not only are these structures aesthetically impoverished, they are impossible to integrate successfully into the overall landscape.
Decks are also a good choice when the topography of the yard is such that a level surface is not easily achievable by other means, such as on top of  a rocky outcrop. The most commonly used material for deck construction is pressure-treated wood, which is generally made from chemically treated pine. This is a big mistake, as it’s the finish details that often determine how successful a structure is. I was reminded that skin cancers were due to past sun exposure, recent sun exposure and your immune status, which worsens with age.
I pushed it by living outdoors as much as possible (still do), and hoped my mother’s skin (she was Moravian Czech) would protect me. To begin with, the dry, shaded, barren earth below them is absolutely useless, except for unsightly storage. A third reason to use decks in the landscape is when a transition from one level to another is required that would be impossible with a terrace or patio. While extremely versatile and easy to use, some pressure-treated wood can’t be painted or stained for months after installation, and can often splinter, which is an important consideration if babies or small children are to be crawling around the surface. I’ve known people to spend ten thousand dollars constructing a huge, elaborate deck, and then decide to forgo spending the five hundred extra dollars required to install well-crafted spindles, railings, built-in planters, and other elements that make the structure actually look like something and unite it to the house and landscape. Because the process is highly labor intensive; … Continue reading >LegacyLegacy is an amazing thing. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would just prefer to place your order by phone, please call us toll-free at 866-222-0030 - we'll be happy to help. What’s more, usage of the structure itself is compromised – with the deck hanging off the back of your house at fifteen feet or more above the ground, you are subject to every burning ray of sun, cold gust of wind, and prying stare from your neighbors that may come your way.
Terraces also allow better flow of traffic between the indoors and out, as there are generally more means of entering and exiting an open terrace than there would be from a railed deck. But keep in mind that even in these circumstances, decks should be kept as low to the ground as possible – the final level should be no more than a foot or two above the existing grade. Like everything else in the garden, if money is an issue, wait until you are comfortable with the expenditure and build what you really want; don’t compromise on something less.

As a child growing up in the 70s, I was captivated by the TV gardener and garden writer, Thalassa Cruso. Decks like these don’t function as either part of the garden, or part of the house, and should be avoided at all costs (which conversely should save you a lot of money, because they are also extremely expensive!). This ease of movement is an important consideration, because a terrace can provide a space with a much more expansive feel than a the enclosed, constrictive sensation that any railed, raised structure could afford.
Don’t try to use decks as a means to make a transition of a story or more from the back of the house to the yard level—it just won’t work, as you saw in the top illustration above.  In new houses, design the floor plan so that you have direct access from the kitchen or back levels more or less at ground level. If you do choose pressure-treated wood, make sure the contractor settles the disposal issues beforehand, and that he or she use the highest grade of pressuretreated wood. Now available from a number of retail stores and Internet vendors and sold under the brand names such as Trex®, this recent introduction, made partly from recycled plastic, is completely impervious to rot and comes in a variety of colors, included realistic faux grained wood tones. You’ll never be satisfied with the trade-off, and it will only wind up costing more in the end. I’ve written about her several times before, so I will only add here that my … Continue reading >A Typical Spring DaySo ladies and gentlemen, in case you’ve ever wondered, this is what a busy garden designer’s desk looks like on a March morning. Finally, given the rising price of lumber these days, terraces are often less expensive (and more environmentally friendly) to construct than decks, especially where rare and expensive woods such as the endangered redwood or teak are used.
In existing homes, where the layout may be impossible to alter, you may simply have to call a spade a spade and construct a well-built porch or balcony instead that is consistent with the architecture of the house. Remember, a deck is really part of your home — an extension of architecture into the garden. In addition to adding and amending to a stack of clients’ plans, I have a bucket load … Continue reading >Weather WhipsawPredictably, when the weather briefly moved into the 70s last week, my phone began to ring. While the initial cost is more expensive than real wood, plastic lumber lasts forever, and never needs to be maintained: a considerable savings in the long run.
Built correctly, it will be a addition to both: but poorly designed, or poorly constructed, all you’ll wind up with is an expensive eyesore. Excited clients were wondering about getting started with planning (certainly) and with planting (certainly not.) A few seemed disappointed by my lack of enthusiasm … Continue reading >Biennial PleasuresThere’s a whole group of wonderful plants that have fallen from favor in American gardens — biennials. The reason why is not hard to fathom, because there is so much confusion and misinformation out there about how to grow biennials … Continue reading >Lessons from English Gardens for Americans #8: The Collector’s GardenLast summer on our way to Scotland we stopped in the ancient market town of Ely to see the cathedral.
Ely’s was one of the first of the Gothic cathedrals, and a trip from Cambridge through Ely, Lincoln and then … Continue reading >Frost Against the PanesIt is in the dead of winter that the greenhouse is at its best, for then is the contrast of life and death the greatest. Just beyond the living tender leaf — separated only by the slender film of the … Continue reading >Care About the Environment? Get a Few Chickens.I’ve had chickens on and off now for over twenty years (the off periods were the one or two times the fox got into the hen house) and I’m here to say that if you care about any of the … Continue reading >Ephemerality  Since June the tropical plants that winter in the greenhouse have been enjoying the summer weather outdoors.
They are quite spread out — some in the orchard, others on the back terrace, the pool terrace, the parterre garden.

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