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The dreamcatcher tattoos presented in this site are perfect for anyone who wishes to have sweet dreams, whether or not you have Native American lineage.
One of the great things about dream catcher tattoos are that since they include feathers and beading, the colors that can be used in them are more than I can ever list here! The small of the back is a place where women often choose to put their dream catcher tattoo.
Both men and women find it attractive to put dream catcher tattoos on various areas of their backs. No matter where you choose to put your dream catcher tattoo, this design typically looks better large rather than small.
Miley Cyrus got herself inked with a dream catcher tattoo a year ago and this caused quite a stir.
Dreamcatcher is may be the most beautiful and meaningful tattoo from the newest tattoo trends. Dreamcatcher tattoo is an exact interpretation of an accessory with all details from web to feathers.
As I said in my previous post, I enjoy dreamcatchers and have a few in my home, which are featured below.
Dreamcatchers have been part of the Native American culture for centuries and their legend or story is a great one. The story has it that the good dreams would slip through the hole in the middle and slide down the feathers to fall on the individual sleeping (you are supposed to hang it above your bed). If you start reading about dreamcatchers (a good site is this one) you will see a few legends out there. A different version of the legend (but with the same message) can be found within the Lakota culture.
This entry was posted in Philosophy, Spirituality and tagged dreamcatcher legend, dreamcatcher meaning, Native American dreamcatcher on January 28, 2015 by Emily. I have come across a similar story to the dreamcatcher for a child, I did not realise there were so many different stories. According to Native American legends, dreamcatchers are sacred tools that could be used by one to have nice dreams and keep away bad or ominous ones.
We have heard about them in stories, seen them in movies and maybe even have one ourselves. Miley is someone that many people look up too and therefore the was a run on dream catcher tattoos.
This accessory that came to us from Native Americans has very special meaning as an accessory.
It is said that the wearer of dreamcatcher tattoo will be protected from negative energy and evil spirits.

If you have chosen small tattoo you can place it on wrist or foot but if you really want to have something unique and special you should definitely choose massive tattoo. I even picked dreamcatchers as my first website logo ?? I enjoy looking at them twirling in the breeze. As you can see, dreamcatchers are in the same shape as the medicine wheel, a circle, to exemplify the continuity, the cycle of life and its different phases.
I love to travel…have learnt and discovered a lot over the years so found your article very educational. They are so common here that it is almost weird to think that there is a place in the world where they are not known. Dreamcatchers come in diverse colors and patterns, and they can be adorned with the images of animals, birds, crystals, flowers, arrowheads, beads, and other symbols. This is simply not a design that is meant to be worn on a small scale, but of course the decision is ultimately yours.
Her tat is located on her upper side, next to her breast and a few inches below her armpit. They believed there was spider woman who spun web on the cribs of children to protect them. With dreamcatcher tattoo you honor beliefs and culture of native Americans and that’s why it is very important to know the history of dreamcatcher. As we remember, we start in the East position (child) and end in the North position (Elder). Thus the dreamcatcher is thought to protect the individual sleeping and bring spiritual dreams. During a circle (talking circle, see here for my previous post), a prayer was said and a circle was made using Mother Earth’s branches. In his vision, a carrier of wisdom was disguised as a spider, and who has he spoke, began weaving a web in the middle of the leader’s earrings (which had feathers and beads).
They were first made by the Native Americans who claimed that by hanging them over our beds, they would catch nightmares in their weave, keeping our sleeping minds safe and comfortable for a peaceful nights rest. Some people love to have their tattoos designed with vivid colors and choose to use purples, pinks, oranges and blues for their tattoo.
If you have made up your mind to get tattoo you should definitely check out those unique dreamcatcher tattoo ideas for women and may be your next tattoo will be a cute dreamcatcher.
The branches were woven into a circle and a web using sinew and placed above the infant’s head. He discussed the cycle of life and stated that there are both good and bad forces in our world. Color is really a personal choice and so your dream catcher can look like anything you want it to!

Indeed, a different version says that good dreams were caught in the web and passed down to the sleeper while bad dreams went through the hole never reaching the sleeper. The dreamcatcher above the infant’s head would keep bad dreams away, bring spiritual dreams and provide strength and inner wealth. They look quite magical and exotic to the eyes of the observer, and as such can be worn by both men and women. Whichever version you have heard, the end goal remains the same: to filter the dreams of the sleeper so that only the good ones would be had. However, if we follow the bad forces, we will be led in a wrong direction and might get hurt. For the most part you can cover it up when you untie your hair which gives you a couple of different style options. In other words, Native American dreamcatchers are guardians of sleep, protectors against bad dreams. However, even if you do not believe in the magic of the dream catcher, its beauty cannot be denied, and so, many people chose them to become part of their body art. I can personally say that since I have hung dreamcatchers in my home (even if they are not above my bed), I have had quite vivid good dreams.
Once the spider finished spinning its web, he gave it to the leader and told him to use it to bring the good forces in the lives of the people.
As you can see they have opted for a lot of feathers on this one and sometimes people will pick a particular birds feathers that have some kind of symbolism to them.We really love this one.
There is also 3 smaller hoops underneath which might be symbolic of 3 significant people in that persons life.A beautiful photo of someone out in nature with their dream catcher tattoo.
As you can see they are sporting a really well done dreamcatcher tattoo on their shoulder.Have a dreamcatcher that you really like? Why not take it in to your tattooist and have them replicate it on your arm so that it will last a life time.
Also notice the red dipped feathers which also hold a significance in their culture for warriors.We really love the style of this one. We particularly like how each of the hoops contains a different style of web.This is one of our favorites because of how unique it is.
Here is an exception where someone has opted for some pretty white roses that contrast really nicely against the thick black lines of the dreamcatcher.Another rare spot to get tattooed is on the palm of your hand as it is considered that it will rub off easier, but here is a beautiful example of how pretty they can look. We also like how they have mixed the two colors together in the actual web itself and then finally they have also added some yellow beads hanging from the hoop to mix it up a bit.

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