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A man who is so keen on breaking records that he changed his name to Guinness is hoping to gain entry into the record book by tattooing the flag of every country in the world on his body. Katie's Revenge is the scraggly moniker etched across the forehead of child killer Tony Stockelman. Create a profile and you can upload funny content, get comments, get lots of views, and make friends. Tattoos are one of those things that might be totally okay for the day to day life of some folks, while other groups of people might want to steer clear from forever marking their skin with that 'I love mom' tattoo. If you name your kid Anthony, he runs a pretty good risk of turning into a hardened criminal. Being a superfan is all well and good, but make sure that if you want to permanently mark your face in support of your teama€“you don't go down the whole criminal path.
The lesson to take away from all this is, if you're gonna go down the road of a life of crimea€“discretion is key.
People got out of hand a long long time ago with tats, this is one of the best pieces i have seen on the issue, fine shit.
In fairness, you don’t have a lot of room inside your lip to get something really cool tattooed there.
I am a little irritated from the above tattoo, the more I think about it the more mad I get. I believe the Nazi eagle neck tatt is optional but the two black eyes are compulsory (the tattoo artist gives them to you for being such a twat).
It was put there by the cousin of Katie Collman, a fourth grader, murdered back in January 2005. It's not very usual to find a guy with a tattoo on his forehead that can manage to find a girlfriend. Criminals are a group that seem to love to get all artsy with their flesh, but unfortunately sometimes it's the tattoos that get them caught. Not only did he opt for the full frontal face tattoo, but he also opted to have the word 'genius' tacked onto his forehead.

He probably had trouble finding employment, most likely due to the Mike Tyson look he had goin' on with his abundant facial tattoos. Well now I think he actually is insane.This is wayyyyyyy more than flavor Flav did to set back the race 500 years. The obvious joke here, The "tradgey" of this tattoo is that you didn't want to do a little spell check on the word before you make it permanent. Rishi already has six of the tattoos done, on his face – the flags of India, the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Cyprus, and Hungary.
The same guy, on the same radio station, had also been tasered by Game, had mace squirted into his eye, and eaten worms. We would like to change the design and are working towards that, but the code is all spaghetti code, so changing the template isn't easy.
Here are 7 incredibly idiotic criminals who were brought to justice via their stupid tattoos. He somehow had managed to convince a woman to be with him though, a woman who he attempted to murder. His love of the UNC Tarheels brought him to justice quicker than gettin' rowdy at a sporting event. He says that his face is being reserved for the most important flags – he thinks he can fit around 60 1-inch flags on his forehead.
His lovely upper lip tattoo which prominently reads 'Eastside' really makes him a unique individual. After a post-jail pistol-whipping of his pregnant wife, Jerome made it easy for police to find him. While police were searching a residence in relation to another crim, they literally found Alexander hiding in the closet.
That is until one day investigator Kevin Lloyd was looking through mugshots working on another crime and came across a lovely picture of Garcia. He took the time to cover his face with a mask, but flashed more than his handgun during the robbery.

They must have been concerned though, because his tattoo doesn't specify EXACTLY what level of genius he is.
They caught Jeffrey because of his extensive facial tattoos, including one that said a€?Hard as Lifea€? right across his forehead. He was arrested for all kinds of fun charges and his facial Tarheels tattoo helped police track him down. His tattoo expedited the process of realizing the guy had a warrant for criminal trespassing and locked him up. He was wearing a mask, but failed to realize that you could make out his hideous tattoo through the mask. Upon inspecting his insane chest tattoo, he noticed that the scene in the tattoo was the exact same scene in a 2004 murder he had investigated. He gave the clerks a nice look at his stupid tattoo that said 'I-10.' This tattoo made his arrest like the final moments of one of your grandma's bingo adventures.
Not even a clown can laugh when a large man named 'Cupcakes' has a stranglehold on his fruit-cup. A witness to the crime reported the tattoo to authorities, who quickly identified the man, since there aren't that many morons out there who opt to forever deface their face. Not sure if the word is out on this yet, but if you murder someonea€“moderate non-tattooing of murder scene on chest discretion is advised. LOL.Anyways, the moral of the story here is that Gucci, and any other man who screams out "burrrr" for no apparent reason, may actually be crazy.

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