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Microsoft offered Start Menu in Windows 10 Technical Preview to revamp the user-friendly features from Windows 7.  The new version of Start Menu is an amalgam of old and new features like desktop programs and apps. You need to find shortcuts of all apps listed under Application Shortcuts directory in Windows. In this way, you can effortlessly move, edit, or remove all apps from Windows 10 Start Menu and customize the looks as you desire. Fuzel Awesome, a redesigned collage app of the original version which is now called Fuzel Legacy, is pretty awesome as its name suggests, especially when it’s FREE!
I like its variety styles of frames and borders, many of which you can get from other apps but you have to pay for them. Do you know what app I use to make my pictures look more vintage like to have scratches on them?
More frames are available with an in-app purchase of $1.99 or you can get 30 credits to get it free by downloading some other free apps. Hi, some people do photos in a frame of flowers on a side(they're quite thick too) like roses or something?
At Windows’ Build conference in June, we introduced Visual Studio and Blend 2013 Preview to the world. We also noticed that most animation tools only enable editing outside the context of the working application. While animation should be used sparingly in any application, it’s also the proverbial “icing on the cake” that makes the best apps feel responsive, polished and modern. Of all the design elements that impact a brand’s visual identity, none is more important than typography. More often than not, Windows Store Apps avoid hard-coded text and, instead, consume dynamic content originating from a data source. For example, authors can quickly create a template by selecting “Create Template” under the Windows App Control attributes. Precisely measure and position elements on your page with the help of rulers & guides on the art board.

Align absolute, relative and fix positioned elements with each other using magnetic art board snapping.
See crisp borders at all zoom levels and smooth 60 FPS animation courtesy of performance improvements made to Blend's design surface.
Ryan is a Senior Program Manager working in the Visual Studio Client Tools team where he looks after HTML, CSS and JavaScript development. However, you will not find any default option to play with native Windows apps such as Camera, Calendar, or Calculator application. Of course, there are in-apps purchases ($0.99 for 99 credits), but the free features the app provides are really sufficient to allow you to make creative collages. This app also allows you to customize the collage if you want to create something different from the existing templates, which are pretty eclectic already. I like its easy-to-use interface and automatic collage layouts and there are several creative ones. I particularly like the feature that allows you to change the filter of the framed area of the picture. Even if you don't know what I mean can you still post some links for good photoframe apps?:) thank you! With this release, we significantly expanded Visual Studio’s support for creating Window Store Apps using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Unfortunately, this isolation comes at a cost: developers can’t see how the animation will interact with other elements in the DOM.
We think the animation timeline editor will prove invaluable to UI developers looking to add a little motion to the mix. The letter forms must be legible, render sharply at any size and create a unique impression. The high-DPI era has also revived interest in custom icon fonts as a way to creatively deliver scalable graphics.
In fact, the WinJS framework makes ample use of item templates that incorporate one-way data-binding to populate headline text, image URLs and body copy.

The resulting dialog will ask authors to identify a template name and select which data fields to insert.
And like other collage apps, you can adjust the thickness and roundness of the frame borders, add a frame color or pattern.
In addition to the client-side diagnostics and debugging tools found in Visual Studio, Blend also added a host of features intended to improve productivity by breaking the edit-and-refresh cycle that plagues UI design & development. Using Blend, developers can scrub and edit animations directly in the context of their working application. To achieve these goals, graphic designers often leverage font families that aren’t pre-installed with Windows. In this release of Blend, we’ve added several dialogs that make it easier to work with data productively. Finally, Blend will create an item template with clean, production-quality HTML markup ready for styling. You will notice that the app shortcuts, you moved in another folder, no longer exist in Start Menu.
This means that if you animate an element’s width, for example, you can see how it will impact the layout of adjacent elements.
Historically, UI developers have shoehorned those same custom fonts into their websites and applications using image, Flash, or SVG text replacement.
Unfortunately, text replacement is nearly impossible to implement for long strings of text (e.g.

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