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The extend edit function is available in most mature non-linear editing programs and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and CS5.5 is no exception.
In the Keyboard Customization dialog, scroll down until you see Roll Next Edit to CTI and Roll Previous Edit to CTI.
Press E to extend an edit forward to the playhead or Press Shift + E to extend an edit backward to the playhead.
Since we all have a need for a Roll trim in everyday editing practice, I encourage you to map your keyboard right now so that you’ll to be ready to use an extend edit in your next editing session. Tip: If you target more than one track, the extend edit will function on all of those selected tracks. Let’s say that I want to do a roll trim to line up the edit points on V2 and Title on V3 with the edit point of the clip on V1.

For more information about the extend edit function, check out this page on Adobe Premiere Pro Help. The way an extend edit works is to first place the the current time indicator (CTI) or playhead either before or after an existing edit, engage a keyboard command and then the edit point does a roll trim to the CTI or playhead. You now have a custom set of shortcuts to customize as you see fit, name it by clicking the Save As button and then entering in a name for it.
Doing an extend edit is far faster than reaching for the Rolling Edit tool and then clicking and dragging to make the trim.
Project Butterfly enables AutoCAD users to edit and collaborate on AutoCAD drawings from any computer with an Internet connection.
To clarify, an extend edit is merely a roll trim that is performed with the playhead and a keyboard shortcut.

An extend edit behaves just like a trim with the Rolling Edit tool and is also subject to the limits of media beyond the chosen in and out points, so be aware of that. I find that the extend edit technique saves me a ton of time in trimming and manipulating edit points of clips, graphics, titles and audio and I hope it will do the same for you.

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