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Kauzmic Interactive uses state of the art digital editing systems that enables us to produce professional, broadcast quality videos, DVDs and streaming media.
We can create videos from still images, graphics, add titles, music, voice-overs and Hollywood style digital effects all designed to meet your specifications and budget. Adobe Photoshop is a world renowned photo editing application for desktop computers and Mac, however for a number of years, the company have also had a mobile version to their software available to download for free on iPhone and iPad. The Photoshop Express app from Adobe is a reliable photo editing solution for quick fixes and playing around. Snapseed has wonderful reviews on iTunes and because it’s free, it is simply a must download for any aspiring photographer. Aviary is one of those apps that when downloaded you wonder how you ever got by without it.
The app is constantly updated by its developers and they actively implement user suggestions, making it a hot favourite on iTunes.
This app has more filters and settings than many of its photo editing competitors, and is a must download for the photographer in you. This entry was posted in Entertainment, Technology and tagged apps, camera, editing, instagram, iphone, photography, photoshop on August 21, 2013 by Tactus. If you guys want to try some really good editors that do almost anything then try Leonardo, and Photoshop Touch.
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Of all the funny grammar mistakes that crop up in public places, one of the most frequent, and the funniest, is the misuse of the apostrophe. Take, for example, this professional sign-making company, proudly using one of their own products to promote their services. Unfortunately for them, they have inadvertently warned off any discerning customers by broadcasting the fact that whilst their signs might be nice and shiny, their grammar is not quite so polished! Avoid making the same mistake yourself by remembering that in English grammar, the apostrophe is used to indicate either ownership, or an abbreviation.
When an ‘s’ is added to the end of the word just to indicate that it is plural, there is no need to use an apostrophe. We correct for color, brightness and sound to provide your viewers with a first class viewing experience! It allows you to reduce red eye on photographs, reduce noise, distort images and its most recent version also has a number of filters to choose from.
The Instagram app available to download for all iOS devices is not so much a photo editing app but more of a photo filter app and social network combined, as is the Instagram service. This creates Polaroid type photo’s which whilst no good for landscapes are perfect for products and quick snaps. It is a very clever app that will automatically adjust your photo to create the very best final image. Aviary is a wonderful photo filter and editing app that merges the best of Photoshop Express and Snapseed.

Its appeal comes from its combination of Instagram and Flickr features, allowing users to easily share their photographs and apply filters. There are some others like Handy Photo, Photogene and Picsart that have some cool powerful tools. Also you can change the brightness, fade, shadows, blurr things, take out any blemishes, draw, choose what you want to stay colored, cut it, crop it, whiten something, and you can of course collage everything. From cafes to restaurants, businesses to tourist attractions, there are a plethora of hilarious examples of apostrophes being put in the wrong place, or missed out altogether. So in the case of ‘signs’, no apostrophe is necessary, as there is no ownership and no abbreviation. It features pinch to zoom effects and framing, and also allows you to create light leaks, as well as change saturation and brightness. This got us thinking, what are the best photo editing apps to create truly stunning – and also fun – photographs on the iPhone?

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