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If you are tired of reading entry level questions and want something more advanced – send in your questions by adding them to the comments below or by joining our LinkedIn group and asking your questions there. If you like the entry level stuff well by all means keep sending those in too…we aim to please.
Hi Brian, I just finished my junior year of High School and I feel pretty confident that I want to work in Television – I love the idea of helping create something that millions of people could see and enjoy.
Wow Devon, the fact you already know that you want to pursue a career in Television this early in life is a huge advantage, affording you the opportunity to start getting focused earlier than most.
The hours and schedule can be challenging – my first year I was working 6pm-2am with Tuesday and Wednesday as my days off. There are two sides to the behind the scenes world of TV News – operations and editorial.
Most people that work behind the scenes in editorial TV News start out as a Production Assistant – which is a job about as generic as it sounds. Trust me, we TV folk love to show someone the ropes that has a true passion for the television industry.
Working on camera is a whole different TV world – the best are well-versed in TV production, understand what the crew needs, work well with others and are journalists first. There are really two ways to go about a career on camera in Television – graduate and get out there immediately, or graduate and work for a bit in production while you hone your on camera skills. If you start out in production, maybe at a larger network like CNN, MSNBC or Fox News, you are exposed to the best of the best, the highest technology, the brightest minds, the most talented anchors and reporters. Now, as you enhance your craft, you have a big name network on your resume, which will stand out to employers and most likely begin your on camera career in a higher market (as long as you don’t stink). I hope this helps you Devon, if anyone has any additional thoughts please add them to the comments and if you have a question you’d like us to answer in the next edition of Entertainment Jobs Q&A the comments are the right place to include it! Recently Brian has become addicted to Google+ and LinkedIn so add him to your circles and make him a contact.
The feature that lets users upload documents, images, spreadsheets and more has millions of neat little ways to boost your everyday activity. If you need to keep your documents as private as possible (you know, like that secret novel you've been working on), check out Fogpad.
As the name suggests, Save to Google Drive lets users save web content or browser screenshots directly to their Drive accounts. In other news I’ve now got a revised contract from Frontier to peruse, and also one from my publisher.
The Writers’ forum has been relatively quiet this week after the flurry of activity last time round. It is pretty gutting, particularly if you’ve spent hours on a particular section of your story, to find that it’s going to end up on the cutting room floor.
I’m sending the draft of my story, in pairs of completed chapters, to my publisher for editorial comment and tweaks as I’m going.
My challenge is to make my editor’s job as hard as possible both by improving the quality of what I write in the first place so they haven’t got so much to correct, but also by making the story so compelling they keep having the problem above. A behind-the-scenes look at how we at RocketJump went about creating the biggest, most ambitious short films we'd ever attempted. From 2009 to 2012, Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch brought you a potpourri of action-packed radness every week!
The truth is, there aren’t millions of potential cut points – there are only a few right ones, and finding those moments to cut is simply a matter of approaching the material openly and reacting honestly to the emotional content before you.
For the editing process to be truly emotional and reactionary, you have to edit at the speed of thought. To do this, you have to know your editing program inside and out, you have to tailor that editing program’s keyboard shortcuts to your own preferences, and you have to constantly reexamine your process and ask “Can I do this faster?
Recently, we underwent a post-production change from a Final Cut based post workflow to an Adobe Premiere based one. Therefore, you should center the majority of your most used key commands on the left half of the keyboard. Next, examine what commonly performed actions require multiple keystrokes and mouse movements to accomplish and see if you can’t do it all in a single go. Here’s my favorite example, and one which will literally save you hours of time over the course of your editing career – zooming.
In Final Cut, I see a lot of people click the magnifying glass tool, and then click on the timeline to zoom, and then click the arrow tool to return. Final Cut allows you to bind a key to “Zoom in on playhead” and Premiere calls it simply “Zoom In.” Hitting that key will start popping you into the timeline, which is no problem because when do you ever need to zoom in on the timeline at a spot that isn’t right where your playhead is?
Reviewing the timing a cut is simply a matter of backing up one cut and then hitting play (A, then Space).
With those simple rebindings, you bring a majority of editing actions into the immediate reach of your left hand, which will allow you to move faster, edit more efficiently, and turn in a more cohesive end product in a shorter amount of time. In 1961, author Joseph Heller finally submitted his manuscript for Catch-18 to his editor, Robert Gottlieb. Earlier that year, writer Leon Uris had released a war novel called Mila 18, and Gottlieb didn’t want any confusion between the two books. Today, Woody Allen’s 1977 masterpiece Annie Hall is considered the quintessential romantic comedy. At the end of his legendary acting career, Spencer Tracy decided it was time to start writing his own lines. Since the earliest days of literature, writers have been dissatisfied with their work, and the Roman poet Virgil was no exception.

Ray Davies, lead singer of The Kinks, learned of the problem while he was on tour with the band in America.
In 1989, Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp spotted fellow Hollywood heartthrob Winona Ryder at a movie premiere in New York, and an angsty romance sparked. Following the critical success of Orson Welles’ 1941 film, Citizen Kane, RKO Pictures agreed to produce the director’s next project, The Magnificent Ambersons. Welles happened to be in Rio de Janeiro at the time working on another project, so editor Robert Wise was handed the assignment.
In 1938, Warner Brothers writer Ben Hardaway directed a short film featuring a very sneaky rabbit. The most vocal part of our audience lately has been early college students looking for career guidance, or in this weeks case, a junior in High School!
You can do an initial internship at a local TV station your senior year of High School or at least set up your curriculum from the start of college so that you get the most out of your experience. I felt connected to the world around me and as if I had the ability to influence viewers opinions on a certain subject.
Operations involves the technical jobs: camera, audio, graphics, technical directors, directors, playback etc. If your dream is to be a Director, you’ll need to know how to run an audio board, manipulate studio cameras, operate a switcher and more. The worst love the idea of seeing their name in lights, their face on a billboard, don’t really understand the stories they read on air and refuse to work well with others. And while there is a lot you can learn at small stations with even smaller staffs, having been inside many small stations I wonder how much high-level learning you can do on out-dated equipment with fellow staff members that may be as green as you are. You’ll find writing for television is a much different experience than writing for the web or for class papers.
It's also a useful online warehouse that holds all the things you don't have space for on your computer. The free extension secures docs with an encryption and lets you protect them with private passwords.
Once you see a link or image you like, you can simply right-click it, and the option "Save Image to Google Drive" will magically appear. If you want an easy way to navigate from Drive to one of Google's other services, such as Gmail or Calendar, or Google-owned sites such as YouTube and Picasa, install this shortcuts extension.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. I did plan to do a video update on Monday, but that got pushed aside in favour of a new slot on ‘LaveRadio’. A good editor (and I’m lucky here, I’ve got one) can transform a scene from the mediocre to the sublime.
In sympathy I shall lie in bed, swathed in red ink-soaked bandages while trying to decipher the Tokyo Yellow Pages written in its native Japanese. How do I get me one of these “editors” and, perhaps more importantly, how much will it cost me!?
For some people, the millions of potential cut points in an edit is daunting – it’s easy to lose track of the edit and zero in on the exact “right” cuts, trying to pluck order out of the infinite. You can’t be deciding a cut point, and then breaking your focus by clicking around your program to select the tools to drag your footage into to the right place.
Both programs have their upsides, but the fundamental fact of the matter is that Apple is making way more money selling iPhones and iPads, and their heart just isn’t in the pro apps world anymore. It should help you zip around your timeline much faster, and save you a lot of time by shedding unnecessary mouse movements and keystrokes. However, the principles I’m outlining should apply to any editing program where you can edit your keyboard shortcuts. I’d bet most of you have your left hand with your index finger over the ‘F’ key, on the left side of the keyboard, with your right hand on the mouse.
It does you no good to have your left hand bouncing around all over the place (or even worse, needing to hold down a modifier key like Alt or Shift while your right hand moves away from the mouse to hit another key). This allows you to bounce around your timeline significantly faster than simply JKL shuttling allows.
You should discipline your editing to one or two tracks of video at MOST (in most situations), and using proper editing tools like Slip edits to fine tune that cut from that point forward. Although Heller had spent seven years perfecting the story, Gottlieb saw room for improvement.
What followed was an exchange of frantic letters in which Heller and Gottlieb considered and rejected various numbers for the title. Clocking in at just 93 minutes, it’s also one of the shortest movies to ever win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.
In 1967, the ailing, 67-year-old Tracy was filming Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, in which an older white couple (played by Tracy and his longtime off-screen lover, Katharine Hepburn) meets their daughter’s black fiance.
Virgil believed his epic poem, The Aeneid, was so flawed that he wanted it to suffer the ultimate edit: He asked that it be burned upon his death. For example, the Black-Eyed Peas’ song “Let’s Get Retarded” was changed to “Let’s Get It Started” to avoid offending the mentally challenged. To get the song on the air, Davies rushed back to London and re-recorded the line, changing the lyric to the now famous, “you drink Champagne, and it tastes just like cherry cola.” Minor?
Their whirlwind love story continued through the filming of Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands the following year, and Depp and Ryder were soon engaged. But when Welles’ gloomy picture tested poorly with audiences, RKO president George Schaefer asked Welles to re-cut the entire film.

The cartoon was called Porky’s Hare Hunt, but the bunny that starred in it didn’t have a name. As the animators drew up early images for the film, one of them labeled a sketch of the rabbit “Bugs’ Bunny,” to make it clear that the drawing was part of Hardaway’s project. Set up informational interviews with reporters or anchors in your local area, volunteer at a local cable access show. A pop-up bar will show up next to your address bar, complete with icons that can take you where you want to go.
Click it and you can search through anything in the Google universe, without leaving your original browser.
It would seem quite a few characters are getting injured and the authors need to know how quickly Elite technology can get them back on their feet.
I find these a challenge as I’ve mentioned before (I’m a character and dialogue writer primarily) and my editor wasn’t satisfied with the pacing of that section. I never delete anything, you never know when a piece of detritus from one novel might spark a scene in the next one. Other programs will do something like Command+[ or Command+] to zoom in and out of a timeline.
The editor taped the pages to his office wall and restructured the novel, giving more emphasis to the now famous Major Major character and instructing Heller to delete entire 60-page sections.
Sixteen years later, Allen recycled the story (and even rehired many of the same actors, including Diane Keaton) for his well-received 1993 film Manhattan Murder Mystery. During the final scene, Tracy argues on behalf of the couple’s taboo relationship and then ad-libs a goodbye to Hepburn. But when the British Broadcasting Company refused to play The Kinks’ 1970 anthem “Lola,” it was for a much stranger reason. Hoping for something more permanent than a ring, Depp had “Winona Forever” tattooed on his right bicep. That way, you don't have to open up multiple tabs if you want to search for something on YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail and, most importantly, your Drive. It’s great fun to be a part of that and I must be doing something right as they keep asking me back. I need formal permission to use and refer to Frontier assets (ship names, planets, technologies, the Elite logo and so on). Too long, too wordy, boring, detracts from action, you’ve said that already, clumsy sentence, too many adjectives.
It’s a sort of textual graveyard, haunted by scenes and dialogue that have been removed from the main story.
There are a few small bits of E:R that are based on deleted scenes from other stories, carefully reincarnated from old notes. Like a sculpture, a good edit happens by roughing out the overall shape of the piece and then refining. That way, you have every tier of movement all controllable with your left hand – cut to cut, one second (or 5 frames) at a time, and then a single frame at a time. Without the producers’ extreme edits to Annie Hall, it’s likely that only one of those classics would have been made.
Originally, the script read, “The only thing that matters is what they feel, and how much they feel for each other,” to which Tracy added, “If it’s half of what we felt, that’s everything.” With his heartfelt edit, Tracy allowed his true emotions to pour out, and Hepburn teared up. But legend has it that before Vigil died in 19 BCE, he changed his will again, this time forbidding anyone from ever revising the poem. While the BBC had no problem with the song’s lyrics, which included lines about sex and drag queens, it did balk at the song’s mention of “Coca-Cola.” Apparently, the government-subsidized network had a strict policy about in-song advertisements, and it considered the reference to be product placement.
He sent Wise urgent directorial notes, followed by a telegram that read, “REALLY DESPERATE.” The studio ignored his suggestions.
It is gratifying to see how so many different fans are finding all sorts of ways to keep the rest of us amused during the interminable wait for the game.
On the other side, my publisher will be providing editing, proof-reading and cover design services. I was reading it to myself, thinking ‘I recognise this’ but it’s so much better than what I’d written. You have before you every shot available, and the story is hewn from that raw material one decision at a time. The scene was tense, alive and crisp – much improved over my original, but with all my essential composition intact, pushing the tale on apace.
The scene ended up being Tracy’s last great performance; just weeks later, the actor died of a heart attack. In the most physically painful edit on this list, Depp had the ink on his bicep amended to “Wino Forever,” reflecting another of his passions. Originally, the picture was called Anhedonia, a psychological term that refers to the inability to gain pleasure from normally pleasing experiences. But when Anhedonia tested horribly with focus groups, the team tried out other titles—including Me and My Goy and It Had to Be Jew—before landing on the classic Annie Hall.

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