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During a creative writing class back in college, I remember sitting around a square table in a seminar room. Well, I didn’t know what free writing really was until I read Mark Levy’s book, Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content. Your mind contains more thoughts, information, associations, and ideas than you could ever actually sort through, even with the most concerted effort.
Yes, free writing pushes your brain to think longer, deeper, and more unconventionally than it normally would. Work against a limit Using a timer keeps you focused and reassures you that you only have to keep up this uncomfortably fast pace for a short period of time.
Certainly, you could use free writing to get through a writer’s block, but if an exercise is beneficial, why not make it a habit?
This promise that free writing could help in many different areas of life spurred me on to embrace free writing as a habit.
What if free writing every day could help you see all aspects of your own life, including your writing life, from an entirely new, innovative perspective? If you want to write a book that boosts your business and builds your platform, you're in the right place. I work with entrepreneurs and platform-builders to write books that gain credibility, growth, and sales for their business and platform. I'm also the managing editor of the Paper Raven Books team, a group of some of the best developmental editors, copyeditors, and proofreaders in the industry, are here to transform your rough draft into a book that you are proud to sell.
Sign up, and I'll let you know when the freshest articles and coaching videos are released! Why should I write about some random topic, when I have plenty of perfect good topics to write about already?
I think free writing, as it’s meant to be practiced, could turn my writing (and business and life in general) around for the better.
When you dream, when you cross a familiar street intersection, when you smell bacon early in the morning, these situations bring about memories and thoughts completely without your intention.

We have so much “raw material” sitting around in our brain, jumping out at us during inopportune moments. Write as fast as reasonably possible, no pauses, no breaks, no breathers, for the full allotment of the time.
I would imagine that when you’re typically writing, you think at a much slower pace than normal.
Sometimes you’ll reach the end of a particular thought, hit the “.” key, and not know which way to turn.
If free writing really can help you make associations and generate ideas that otherwise might not bubble up to the surface of your mind, then perhaps you should practice free writing on a regular basis.
Yes, he writes, but he primarily uses free writing to help his clients work through problems in their sales, management, and organization problems. At least once a day, I set my iPhone timer to 10, 15, or 20 minutes and allow myself to just free write. Levy has a wealth of insights into the practice of free writing that have convinced me to rearrange my writing life. I coach writers through their book, chapter-by-chapter, from vague idea to first draft to finished manuscript. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. But I do want to re-introduce a concept that you probably already think you know how to do: free writing. Levy would argue that many (perhaps most) of your thoughts cannot be accessed through sheer will. Even if you have to type “umm” 10 times in a row or repeat the same word over and over until your brain can catch up with your hands, you just keep writing, keep writing, keep writing. In the business world, his free writing techniques are becoming something of a phenomenon, known for helping individuals harness innovative business ideas. I find that I’m generating ideas and working through problems related to everything from writing, business, and family. He details an ingenious system for creating a work flow so that your short sessions of free writing can funnel into your long-term writing projects and into publishable pieces.

So, I picked up my pen, wrote a bit, stared off into the distance, accidentally caught eyes with another student across the table, re-focused my attention on my paper, wrote a bit more, and continued on like that for the remained of the 20 minutes. In order for your mind to get comfortable with free writing, you have to strike the bargain with yourself: I’ll write for 20 minutes at an accelerated pace but only for 20 minutes.
Sometimes I didn’t even recognize that there was a problem, but the free writing helped me grasp both the problem and a variety of solutions.
Instead of clicking over to Facebook or another blog, close all your windows and set a timer. Give yourself permission to simply write, with no expectations that this writing will ever produce anything useful. If you’re writing faster than your internal editor, then you’re beginning to tap into the raw material that’s waiting in the recesses of your mind. Defiantly the prosthodontic blazonry went engild to the pamphleteer and scorched to him, your mathiass yardages have been fulfilled.
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