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That being said, if there is one thing that tattoos have taught us is that a little bit of pain can be totally worth it.
Enjoy this gallery of elbow tattoos that will make you wish you had more than two arms so you could get an infinite amount of elbow tattoos.
Earlier on it used to be the choice of cons and gangsters but now it is quite openly accepted by many.

People also embellish this tattoo with the addition of things like bugs, dragonflies and other things.
You need to choose something simple but lovely that will look great on your elbow like a sunflower or a daisyLips: Another design that will get animated on the elbow joint. You can make it interesting by adding the face of a animal or gargoyle around the mouth so that it will look like the mouth of the creature is opening and closing to the movement of your elbow.After looking at some really interesting design possibility which can make your forget the pain factor, we would like to reiterate that a tattoo on an elbow is really painful.

This can affect the carrying out of your normal activities and limit the work you can get done till such time the tattoo heals.Since the elbow tattoo is the ultimate tattoo as far as your dedication to tattoos and body art is concerned, many people are eager to get one.

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