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Fifth-grade teachers at McAuliffe Elementary took their classrooms on the road with Education in Action’s “Water Rocks” experiential learning day program on April 12. At the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, students explored the Brazos River Country exhibit, tracking the Brazos River from its source near Lubbock, on to the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout the day, the students participated in numerous hands-on activities to learn about many of the Earth’s cycles, systems and processes. Education in Action provides experiential learning travel programs for north central Texas classrooms making it easy for teachers to take their third-, fourth- or fifth-grade classrooms on organized, fun and meaningful site-based learning experiences.
In the 2009-10 school year, the school began to collect food scraps and other compostable materials in the cafeteria at breakfast and lunch. Students placed recycling containers in all classrooms, offices, work spaces and common areas.
Students created a large bulletin board display near the cafeteria that included samples of items that can be recycled at the school. Students introduced a new program in the cafeteria in which students emptied their milk cartons before placing the empty carton in the recycling container.
Durable dishes, cups, glassware, metal silverware and tablecloths were purchased to replace disposable products in the staff room. The students designed a Green Week that focused on raising awareness of the importance of waste reduction and recycling. Students patrolled hallways and the playground for litter and collected paper for recycling. Students learned and played environmental and recycling games during physical education classes and recess. All students attended an assembly program that encourages waste reduction, reuse and recycling. Lunch trays are stacked to increase garbage container capacity and to reduce frequency of pick-up. To reduce paper use, staff communication is almost entirely handled via e-mail, and smart boards are used in classrooms.

During the 2010-11 school year, a guest speaker from the City of Bellevue announced what is compostable, recyclable and garbage in the cafeteria. To educate students and staff on what is and is not recyclable, the school signed up for a waste reduction and recycling assembly. The student Green Team researched conservation information, and made posters and displays to educate the school community about composting and energy conservation.
Conservation topics were mentioned in several school-wide assemblies in which cooperation and individual responsibility were emphasized. Green Team members monitored the collection of compostable materials during lunch and helped fellow students to correctly sort garbage, recyclable and compostable materials. During Earth Week the students focused on a different energy conservation practice each day.
The student green team researched information and, for 10 mornings, announced conservation tips during morning schoolwide announcements. The green team organized a pledge campaign for students to pledge to use less water at home and at school.
Fourth graders used the City of Bellevue’s water conservation curriculum materials, and the green team used the water conservation resource tub from the City of Bellevue. The green team shared information about the school’s water use via newsletters, email and announcements. The high school graduation requirements, which became effective with the graduating class of 2002 allow for interdisciplinary courses to substitute for specific academic courses required for graduation. Career and Technical Education in Kentucky is responsible for meeting the performance measures outlined in the federal Carl D. Unite to Read, a statewide literacy project designed by members of Kentucky's Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs), was implemented in schools across the state in the 2004-05 school year. Relative ContentCTE Newsletters?The latest news form around the state can be found in the Kentucky CTE newsletters. The students visited Waco’s Cameron Park Zoo and Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown to experience what they are learning in fifth grade science.

Students investigated many animals living in the five ecological regions of Texas through which the Brazos River passes with a focus on each animal’s unique adaptations and ecological niche.
Students learned about the water cycle and the beneficial function of the world’s wetlands through participation in a watershed model demonstration. Education in Action handles all details, from round-trip charter bus transportation and program reservations, to a pre-program training session for all participating adults and TEKS-based program curriculum, so teachers can focus on their students and making connections between the experience and what students are learning in the classroom. On each recycling container, the students placed a recycling sticker that lists in English and Spanish what can and can’t be recycled. The students also wrote and performed a conservation chant and song for the morning announcements. The students took on the role of scientists as they discussed the rock cycle and worked in groups to classify rock, mineral and fossil samples. The City of Bellevue, which partnered with the Green Schools Program to provide recycling assistance to Bellevue schools, provided the recycling containers and bilingual stickers.
It is a critical component in meeting the needs of students in academic achievement, career exploration, career preparation, and leadership development. At Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, a Mineral Dig provided students with the opportunity to pan for, and identify, minerals that could all be found in the cavern.
Successful transition to postsecondary education, work, or the military is one of the goals of Kentucky's educational system.
The students concluded their day by experiencing, first-hand, many of the Earth’s processes at work as they toured Inner Space Cavern, a highly decorated cavern with all types of formations, large and small. The percentage of students making successful transition is a component of the high school accountability index.

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