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Then, just now, while searching for a pic for this post, I came across this interpretation.
Namaste is what I feel in my heart when teaching yoga and wish to carry into all my relationships – a work in progress. Namaskar is in Marathi, the language of the state of Maharastra (where Mumbai and Pune are).
Over the course of my life, I have denied God, yelled at God, blamed God, criticized God, ignored God, and tried my damnedest to bend God to my will.
I attached God to religion (which is a man-made thing) so that I could have my own opinions about God. Here I am, someone who has driven myself crazy through life trying to know, to figure out, to have it all together and to be ahead of the game, and now it just doesn’t matter. Which brings me back to God. I choose the word God for lack of a better word to convey my point. God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Brahma, Shakti, Ganesha, Jesus, Mary, Zeus, Nature, the Universe, Mother, Divine Father, Heavenly Father, Great Being, Great Spirit. There’s a bigger picture at play in the world, way bigger than the pictures we get caught up in.

As though the world and universe owes me something, that I have control over anything that happens, that I have a right to judge myself or anyone else, and that if I just obsess over something I can change the outcome. I can see the world as the beautiful gift that it is, approaching each day as a new opportunity, asking for guidance and wisdom from something greater than myself, and I can live from a place of love and compassion that I have found deep within myself. I learned that when I approach each moment from the second perspective, my life is peaceful, serene, and overflowing with love and abundance. This is why I choose to practice humility which means I admit that I am not the end all be all of knowledge and decisions.
Lindsay Carricarte can currently be found residing in Long Beach, CA, with her fiance Chris and their fur-babies. Great article, each must feel good about their belief, regardless of the opinion of others.
A group of people who join tougher in a practice of any form or style of yoga are doing a group thing where there is community and love. Though our experiences shape us all differently and bring us to the realization of this at different times in our lives, I believe we can all get there whenever we choose to if we just get out of our own way.
Happiest with a book in one hand, glass of wine in the other, dreaming of down dogs, knitting, and really good cheese.

I have found that in living from here, I genuinely want to be kind, loving and helpful and that the return happiness and abundance is just an amazing perk of living this way. This perspective gives me an attitude of edginess, sarcasm, what’s in it for me, and I drive myself crazy obsessing over things that I have no power over! I avoid gestures that remind me of prayer because I just got out of religion and don't want to get dragged into the next cult. Their goal is to travel the world helping others overcome suffering through finding a spiritual path.
She currently writes for a living, while getting her YTT cert, developing chakra healing meditations to bring to the world, and developing Life Warrior.

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