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We pride ourselves on applying efficient and effective editing and proofreading techniques to provide a top quality service at a fair price for our customers. Helping you succeed and making your life easier through top quality editing and proofreading is our primary goal. The following editing symbols are used by many teachers to point out common errors in students' essays. Most editing and proofreading is now done in word processing or editing software using features such as Track Changes in Microsoft Word or the equivalents in other programs.However there are still situations in which you might need to know and understand proofreading symbols and marks.
I have included the proofreading marks in the following three tables for you to use as a reference, and then used a few of them in an example of a document with the marks added.

If you need help with proofreading and correcting your own work I offer a proofreading service through which I correct your writing.
Sizeable site for everything from word and sentence level to essay level, with exercises, powerpoint presentations, and more. The mark in the margin was specific to the error while the mark in the text was more general, often just being a caret to indicate the position of the mistake.Symbols were used to make sure that the document remained readable, even after several people had corrected and proofread it.
For example, in graphic design where text is incorporated, you might have to make changes on a printed draft, or you might get a scientific paper back from the editors of the journal and they might have used proofreadersa€™ marks. If each change were to be written onto the page it would soon become messy and very difficult to understand.

I copy edit your essays, reports or theses so that the English used is excellent.If you'd like to ask me any questions you can visit the Excellent Proofreading and Writing Facebook page where I'd be happy to offer you any help or advice that I can. The use of marks and symbols helped keep the page tidy and readable.Often if further instructions were needed or a section was to be rewritten the proofreader or editor would mark the position with a letter and then write their longer comments on a separate piece of paper under the heading of that particular letter.

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