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Below is the story of birthday-boy John-John's famous salute to his father outside St Matthew's Cathedral after JFK's funeral mass on Monday, November 25th, 1963. At pertinent passages I've inserted photos taken from various books* and magazines -- including the photo above of JFK and "First Friend" Dave Powers leaving that very church -- a half-mile from the White House -- during the week of the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962. And in that moment, he suddenly became the brave soldier his father would have wanted him to be on this day, of all days. They walked up the steps of the cathedral, and there waiting was Richard Cardinal Cushing of Boston.
Mrs Kennedy, holding each of her children by the hand, walked in and down the aisle to their seats.
The president impulsively decided to take his son along to Arlington National Cemetery for his speech and wreath-laying on Veteran's Day, November 11, 1963. East Rooom, the White House, Washington, DC, November 24, 1963: Jackie, her two children and Bobby attend the private lying-in-state.
Some even say that the killing of the 35th president altered the course of history, and that the United States would not have become embroiled in the Vietnam War had he lived. John Wilkes Booth leans forward to shoot President Abraham Lincoln as he watches a play at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C, in 1865. Abraham Lincoln, hailed by many historians as America's greatest president, was at a high point in 1865 when he was murdered. Though most assassinations are political, some killings seem to have little political rationale. Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, wasn't exactly a well-loved personality, and was described by historians as suspicious, hysterical and unpopular. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, commonly known as JFK, was the 35th President of the United States. Almost exactly one year later -- on almost exactly that same spot -- John-John stood saluting his father's coffin.
The tall man with the laughing blue eyes who had a big desk and saw lots of important people and stooped to spank him good-naturedly and took him on helicopter rides and called him "John-John".
The cake with three candles to blow out, the friends singing boisterous "Happy Birthdays", the gifts. John-John seemed awed by the tall, craggy-faced man towering above him, wearing a white, two-pointed miter and black vestments. Someone picked a small book -- The Church Today-Growth or Decline -- from the literature rack at the rear of the cathedral and gave it to the boy to occupy him. Pallbearers appeared at the door with the flag-draped casket, and as it came slowly down toward them, Mrs Kennedy leaned down and whispered to her son.
During the Arlington ceremony the President became concerned that his son would become fidgety and asked that he be brought to him as the event broke up. Presidents Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, and of course the most famous one of JFK Jr. A private mass was said, and the casket opened for Jackie to place three notes inside, from her and the children, and a scrimshaw and cuff links.
Despite the ordeal she had been through, she maintained her poise throughout the coming days. The 1,037 days of Kennedy's all-too-brief presidency are the focus of this beautifully-made 85-minute color film, which was originally produced by the U.S. I was in Utica, New York working for General Electric on that sad day Friday November 22, 1963 when the tragic news came across the various radios we had playing in the Radio Receiver Design Lab on Broad Street. Written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, it's the story of an American boy named Cedric whose valiant father dies when the child is just a baby. I remember the incident well, but I cannot swear to the authenticity of the date that Dave ascribes to it. Kennedy sits next to his wife, Jacqueline, in a limousine in Dallas shortly before his assassination on Nov. Despite having lived more than 2,000 years ago, Julius Caesar remains one of the most famous leaders to have met a brutal end.

He had ended slavery, preserved the Union through the Civil War, and was embarking on the long road to reconstruction. John Lennon, one of the world's most famous musicians and a former member of the Beatles, was entering his home at The Dakota in New York City when he was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman on Dec. Still, he did accomplish one stunning feat: His death inadvertently launched the First World War. He grew up an orphan and spent time in prison, where he became a member of the Nation of Islam. And the soldiers outside, whose salutes he delighted in trying to return with one of his own, looked different. John boldly marched up to his father, his hands behind his back, oblivious of the adoring crowds behind rope lines.
With her heightened sense of occasion, she was clearly determined that the crafting of the John F. We spent much of our time in Florida, but we spent several days in Washington until Thanksgiving Day, when we took off on the Caroline for the warmer weather in Palm Beach. Though the boy doesn't understand death, he knows that his mother gets sad sometimes, and he would 'put his curly head upon her neck' to lift her spirits. When we arrived in Fort Atkinson, a town noted for manufacturing sausages and musical saws, the wife of the local Lutheran minister was waiting outside the Blackhawk Hotel with her thirteen children, eager to introduce them to the Senator. From the stabbing of Julius Caesar to the shooting of Mahatma Gandhi, here are eight of the most famous assassinations in history. Despite King's steadfast commitment to nonviolence, his opponents, mostly Southern whites opposed to desegregation and enfranchisement for African-Americans, weren't so restrained.
He had just won the California presidential primary and was leaving the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, when Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian Christian, opened fire and killed the presidential hopeful because of his support for Israel.
The duke was shot on June 28, 1914, in Sarajevo, Bosnia, by Gavrilo Princip, a member of a Yugoslav independence movement known as Young Bosnia and an assassin for The Black Hand, a secret society formed by members of the Serbian Army.
Some extremely important events happened while he was in office including the Space Race and the Bay of Pigs Invasion. But the film was so popular, it was finally released in theaters in the United States on April 10, 1966.
Next morning I was having a haircut in a Polish barber’s shop when I saw TV shots of the old zig-zag bridge in New Ross and Kennedy's visit there. That death stunned the world and caused an outpouring of public grief unprecedented in modern United States history. Senators Brutus and Cassius led a gang of senators called the Liberators and stabbed the leader to death outside the Theater of Pompey. White supremacists orchestrated bombings, beatings and murders to maintain the status quo, and King eventually became one of the victims. At his trial, Chapman initially planned to plead insanity but later changed his plea to guilty, saying it was the will of God. Austria-Hungary believed the Serbian military was involved in the plot and issued an ultimatum, then invaded Serbia when part of the ultimatum was rejected.
He further amused the president by walking backward, with his hands behind his back, impersonating his father who was attempting to remain somber. Jackie's first decision was that the funeral should echo that of Abraham Lincoln, who had also fallen to an assassin's bullet, ninety-eight years before. I decided then and there that I would travel the 700 miles south by Greyhound bus to pay my respects at Kennedy's funeral in Washington.
But when I stepped from the plane in Palm Beach, a messenger told me I had an urgent call from Washington waiting on an open line. When Jackie was leaving the White House - for example, when she went to Pakistan and India - he was in touch with me and told me that now it was time for the media to get some wonderful pictures of John Jr.
Jack shook hands with the beaming mother and each of her children, posed for pictures with them, and then said to me, 'Get Jackie and bring her over here.' I escorted Jackie across the street from the opposite sidewalk where she had been charming a crowd of her own admirers. 30, 1948, Nathuram Godse, a Hindu nationalist who opposed Gandhi's nonviolent approach and perceived favoritism towards Muslims, fired three shots at the leader at the Birla House in New Delhi, killing him.

He was shot on April 4, 1968, while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn. The Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine who had defected to the Soviet Union but returned to the United States, acted alone and fired the shots from the sixth floor of a nearby book depository.
A tangle of political alliances then swept all the major world powers into the war, leading to millions of deaths. King, Malcolm X rejected non-violence as a strategy and advocated for black separatism, saying African-Americans couldn't succeed in a racist society dominated by whites. The president and one of his military aides then took the boy by the hands and swung him over the steps as he let out childish yelps of glee. Stearns, who started his photography career at this newspaper, was working for United Press International on the day of President John F.
At age 14 he won a prize from the Annapolis Camera Club for a photo he took at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington. The East Room of the White House was prepared to look as it had when Lincoln's body had lain there, with black crepe over the chandeliers and doorways. It was the Georgetown University Hospital and Jackie, who had been rushed there, was giving birth to her child. Jack introduced her to the mother of thirteen children and said to her, 'Shake hands with this lady, Jackie. Authorities convicted James Earl Ray, a racist petty criminal, for the assassination, but for decades, rumors have swirled that Ray was part of a government plot to kill King. Many believe the official story is wrong, and 50 years later, conspiracy theories continue to circulate. As they were leaving the cemetary, the president told Congressman Hale Boggs something he had said the previous spring after a visit there: "This is one of the really beautiful places on earth. When he was 16 Stearns kicked off his career with a job at this newspaper, then The Evening Capital. JFK spoke briefly to the doctor, John Walsh, and then ordered the press plane back to Washington. Of course, once they got Caesar out of the way, they set up a tyrannical government themselves.
He was assigned to follow the president’s widow and an entourage of world leaders as they made their way from the White House to St.
Halfway there, the radio operator on our American Airlines charter told the president-elect that his son had been born. Air Force as a photographer for Stars and Stripes, he came home and kept knocking on the door at the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun trying to land a job. The family and media at first assumed that Kennedy would be buried in his home state, at Brookline, Massachusetts, where he had been born. Herded behind a cordon with scores of other photographers across the street from the church he concentrated on Mrs. When we arrived in Washington, we went immediately to the hospital and I joined JFK in meeting the new baby, John F. Stearns learned from the press gaggle he was the only one to get the photo of the salute and rushed back to UPI’s office convinced he had the shot of the day. The photo remains one of the most searing images of post-war America and to this day can evoke emotions of that dark weekend in those who experienced it nearly 50 years ago. Filmed television coverage also caught the moment but for many worldwide it was Stearns’ still image that captured the moment for history. In 2007 a controversy erupted after an obituary for another photographer, Joe O’Donnell, mentioned he, not Stearns, had taken the famous shot.

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