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Arnold Schwarzenegger has often complained of fans constantly bombarding him with requests to quote his most iconic film roles -"even when I walk into Starbucks," so on Friday the actor-turned-governor-turned-actor decided to  open the floor to Reddit users to request their favorite movie quotes in a bid to promote his new action flick, “Escape Plan,” which hit theaters that same day. Requests came pouring in, spanning a dozen different movies over the Hollywood icon’s long career.

In the end, Schwarzenegger was able to offer up only a few notable recitations via YouTube.
UK-based freelance designer Pete Ware of 17th and Oak has produced a cleverly executed typographic printsa€”part of the a€?Drive-In-Printsa€? collectiona€”based on well-known Star Wars quotes from The Empire Strikes Back. Turning words into graphic art, the designer has used the quotes to form the easily recognizable silhouettes of key characters from the movie.

There is no try.a€?a€”these A3-sized posters will make a delightful gift for any Star Wars fan.

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