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The Water Leak Detection industry is small and specialized with only a few manufacturers operating world-wide. Water leak detection has become high up on the list of priorities for many companies and industries. GEESYS's technology to ensure that even the smallest leaks are detected and located before a catastrophe ensues. Leak detection systems must be unobtrusive, effective and robust enough to withstand getting dirty and the moderate physical abuse of other works being carried out under the same floor.
Zoned systems have a reputation for being safe, reliable and not prone to the same types of false alarms which those systems which use cumulative resistance techniques.

The leak detection industry is very small and it can be expected that manufacturers will also offer an installation and after sales service. The liquids leak detection system shall identify any abnormal presence of liquid on any point of its connected sense cables, to the nearest meter.
The system shall be capable of monitoring up to 1800 meter of cable from a single monitoring unit.
The system shall be capable of managing information of all leaks related to the number of sense cables installed. Besides leak, the system shall be capable to detect circuit interruption (cable break) on any of its connected sense cables.

The system shall be capable of detecting conductive and non-conductive liquids, as water, bases, acid, hydrocarbon and solvents using different types of sense cables. The sense cable shall consist of a helically-winded central core (data bus), on which PEHD (Polyethylene high-density) conductor wires are spiraled.
A microcontroller shall be embedded in the sense cable to ensure digital and independent communication between each sense cable and the digital monitoring unit.

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