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Please include a link or attachments so we can see some of the tattoos you’ve done, fine art, a photo of yourself along with where you live and all that good stuff! Meet Dani our first featured artist who currently tattoos out of  Ink Spot Tattoo in Orange County, Ca. Take a step back in time and check out Metal Mulisha General Brian Deegan’s 199 X Games Runs.
From feedback we have received, we know many of our customers will be happy to see a female tattoo artist leeds in our studio. Shelly is taking appointments from thursday and will be with us every Thursday Friday and Saturday.

The Metal Mulisha Maidens are looking for a talented female tattoo artist to do a t-shirt collaboration with us!
She is the first person to legally open a tattoo shop in Beaufort (home of Parris Island, where they make boys into Marines!) and she is a woman owner!
With a super creative flair she is an artist able to offer you a bespoke experience when getting inked. We understand that some girls don’t feel comfortable using a male tattoo artist so come and see Shelly and she will alleviate your fears. Her creativity will take your ideas, whether for a new piece, re-work or cover up, to becoming a work of art beyond your wildest expectations.

Shelly is always happy to talk to new and returning customers alike to consult on your next design.

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