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If you know of any female tattoo artists that are outstanding artists and need to have their hard work advertised we would gladly put them on the site. Our list of the top tattoo artists in Toronto showcased some of the biggest names in tattooing that the city has to offer.
Alex has been perfecting her hand-poked style since 2009, crafting unique and arresting images.
Ash Timlin's name seems to be on the tips of many people's tongues these days, which is quite a feat seeing as she's only been at it for 4 years. Storey began tattooing six years ago when he moved to Toronto to apprentice under veteran artist Bill Read at Abstract Arts.
Having originally moved from British Columbia to Toronto to study photography, Angela "Angie Fey" Daniels rekindled her love for drawing in 2009. Tristan Zhang's first studio in Markham's Pacific Mall was not exactly a go-to destination when he opened it in 2008. Arthur Mills began tattooing in 2006 but left it all behind in 2007 to go on tour with his band.
Franz Stefanik has been tattooing since 2009, coming to the Okey Doke from Anchor Tattoo in Burlington.
People don't get tattoo to be anti established, some get it because they feel established in their career. I get what you're saying, but people these days live in the moment with not much thought to the future. Tattoos have been around for millennia, literally, so you comment is short-sighted and uninformed. Sorry, you sound like one of many ppl that regrets their tattoos and viciously defends them to compensate. I agree they have been around for centuries, however the spike among bearded inner city 20 somethings is unprecedented and unsustainable. As a client of Jenny Boulger's who proudly wears several of her pieces, I can honestly say that she is the best artist who has ever tattooed me.
All great artists with beautiful work, sometimes these lists need people to do a little more work then see who's popular on social media. Sorry, you sound like one of many ppl that live a boring life and has to take it out on others to try and compensate. I know many of these artists and i'm proud to say that after tattooing more than 10 thousand at least ppl,these comments need more understanding and less bullshit.Tattoos will always be.
Love the guys from Chronic Ink, they do incredible modern twist on traditional Asian tattoo, some of the best shading job I've seen. Tattoo artist Laura Lee Burkhardt keeps her station colorful and welcoming with her artwork at Evolver Tattoo Arts on the South Side. After a short visit to a tattoo session with her then-boyfriend several years ago, Hilah Panichelle became so skilled in tattooing that she established herself as an artist and is in the process of opening her own shop. Laura Lee Burkhardt only began tattooing at Evolver Tattoo Arts in the South Side two years ago, but she has already seen female  artists mistreated.
As an art student, Amy Ausiello discovered her passion for tattooing a decade ago.  She used her skills to create a  clientele, a solid reputation among Pittsburgh artists and opened her own tattoo shop.
These three local women are tearing down the gender-based walls that shut women out of the tattooing world.

Burkhardt, whose body is covered with her own artwork as well as that of a friend’s, is known for her signature robot tattoos. Burkhardt has always admired strong, female role models and recently reached out to other female tattoo artists. Since Ausiello has been tattooing for almost 12 years, she has a decent amount of regulars. More and more potential clients are looking for a female artist for a multitude of reasons, the women said. Sarah Murphy said she felt a female artist would care more about the back-story of her tattoo. Although female tattoo artists tend to express femininity in their shops and work, many times it doesn’t push men away from getting a tattoo done by a woman.
Normally you expect to get tattooed by a biker dude with a cigarette in his mouth and a million tattoos covering his body so he doesn’t even have an ounce of skin left.
But what became abundantly clear, thanks to the artists involved and the community at large, was that there are a lot of under the radar artists here that are equally deserving of recognition. The Barrie transplant started making a name for herself at Imperial Tattoo and most recently at Jay Decator's Passage Tattoo. Its clear that he laid down roots in the right city as his considerable skill with black and grey realism has already garnered wide accolades. She apprenticed at Archive Tattoo, where she continues to work and grow as an artist, creating vivid illustrations marked by a bold use of colour. He is a master of photo realism, creating pieces with a such depth and perspective that they pop off the skin. After a three year hiatus he returned to tattooing full time in various shops across the downtown core, eventually ending up at Imperial Tattoo.
His pieces demonstrate a remarkable flair for shading as he draws on many different influences to create pieces that speak to his worldliness.
With a style that puts a spin on classic imagery, his use of bold colours and solid line work make him a go-to for American traditional-based designs. Not only one of the best humans out there he has his own unique style and is DEFINITELY on the rise. She not only does amazing custom tattoos but also handmakes plush toys, one of a kind collectables, designs jewelry, and custom art.
His online portfolio made me decide to use him for a sleeve and he is great at combining a vision with his drawing skills to create a unique and beautiful piece.
It's' okay, squares get to the end of their life and regret being so boring, don't deny it. I know the guys at Black Pearl are very good, but by looking on their site it looks like they no longer have any traditional Japanese specialist anymore (but I may be mistaken). She therefore reached out to many female tattoo artists to try and create a support system.
Black outs are a solid layer of black ink put over an unwanted tattoo and are becoming more common.
In shops from Clarion to South Side and from Jeanette to Dormont, female tattoo artists are working next to men. One of her biggest struggles was the image people had of her just because of her job title.

The shop’s interior will “intentionally ooze nothing but feminine charm and allure,” complete with chandeliers and fainting couches, she said.
Victorian Ink will double as a photo studio for Diamonds n’ Dames, a woman-owned company specializing in boudoir and pin-up girl photography. With her ambition to try anything new, including learning to play the ukulele, she has been an artist longer than she has been tattooing. We tried to create a comfortable, clean and safe environment for our clients,” Ausiello said. She had the song lyrics, “The heart never lies,” from the band McFly written in her grandmother’s handwriting.
Check out the first edition of this ambitious project that is focused on litter in the Pittsburgh community. We would like to say thank you if you share this Famous Tattoo Artist Female Design to other people with facebook, google plus, twitter or other social media accounts. Those who are gaining the respect of their fellow artists and discerning clientele through hard work, and yes, phenomenal art.
An incredibly versatile artist, she's as comfortable with American traditional as she is with abstract concepts. With a style that utilizes bold lines and high contrast, she breathes new life in to the animal subjects that dominate her portfolio. His work has garnered him accolades at conventions like Northern Ink Exposure, where he has won awards in various black and grey and colour categories.
His dark and intricate work draws its influence from heavy metal imagery, which he attributes to his time in the music industry.
While demonstrating a strong flair for the traditional, she builds on that base with an out of this world imagination.
There is so many sub-cultures that continue to grow and nowadays a better way to look at it, is popular isn't just one thing and neither is it to be antiestablishment.
I'd be interested to know if the author has ever been tattooed by anyone on this list or even been tattooed at all? Shes been doing traditional tattoos for me but her dotwork and black and grey truly impress! She's also a perfectionist who settles for only the best in her work and that is what you want in a tattoo artist.
Dude instead of writing about tattoos why don't you start getting them and keep your mouth shut.
What exist within someone's head can manifest itself as it is and if it's tattoo's, lipstick, anal beads or cherry danishes with icing with the letters on it, it shouldn't matter. She said she wants her shop to be known for its cleanliness almost as much as the tattoos that come out of it.

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