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July 14, 2015 By thetattootourist 16 Comments Who are the Top Female Tattoo Artists in the USA you ask? One persons article (or blog or magazine) may not agree with another because tastes vary, criteria is subjective and everyone has their favorites. Hannah Aitchison – one of the undisputed masters of the pin-up girl.  Hannah has been on TV and you probably recognize her name but have you taken a close look at her portfolio?
Erin Chance – Erin creates intensely detailed and richly color saturated tattoos that look like paintings – wow! Kim Saigh – after a stint on LA Ink Kim disappeared from TV but has continued to create beautiful illustrative tattoos in the heart of LA at Memoir Tattoo.
Teresa Sharpe – If you have been reading this blog for a while (thanks!) you may know of my ardent appreciation for Ms.
And if you are interested in working with one of these artists then read this and this and get ready to get serious – All of these artists have waiting lists due to their general awesomeness. In my opinion, no Women tattooer top 10 list is complete without San Francisco’s Tex- owner operator at Aithentic tattoo.

I will tell you a secret – one of the reasons I wrote this post was in the hopes a reader or readers would tell me about some great artists I have not heard of. To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories. Not to mention ridiculously talented artists appear on the scene regularly (yeah for tattoo fans!) so today’s list might be woefully incomplete 5 years from now. There are many old school, legendary female tattoo artists out there – none of them are on this list.
I have only been tattooed by 1 guy – my first tattoo and it was covered by Madame Chinchilla! Maybe not YOU personally but lots of tattoo fans actively seek out the best artists and believe it or not this info can be a bit hard to track down, mainly because it is just opinion (my favorite!). I’m doing a touch up with Kelly next week and have an appointment to finish up a piece with Teresa next month after she opens the new shop. I just wanted to highlight artists that I personally love that are probably working up to legendary status.

Based in Massachusetts and in the process of opening her own studio The Gold Dust Gallery in Salem, MA Kelly is top notch! Teresa is in the process of leaving Studio 13 in Fort Wayne and relocating to Richmond VA to open Unkindnes Art with Erin Chance – power couple!
Teresa is definitely super tough to get in with, mostly because she has so many existing clients, and a lot of them have multiple session pieces going on.
Your best bet is to keep an eye on her travel schedule and try to get in with her at a convention.

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