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Placement of tattoos is not a limitation for tattoo lovers, but women prefer locations where the tattoo looks sexy, and stomach is a much admired by them. Women give preference to stomach tattoos because, you can show off with it when you want to flash your flirty side and it is really easy to hide it.
Fire, waves, anchor and swallows, this tattoo has all the elements to make it a perfect delight to look at. Colorful ring with flowers and butterfly, inked around the navel giving a chic look to the wearer.
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Life is a mystery that remains unresolved till date which is good in a way because that is where all the beauty and excitement lies.
In fact, people get it carved as tattoos on their body parts to draw inspiration and strength. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Word Tattoos For Girls, Believe Tattoos, Literary Tattoos and Words For Tattoos. This boy got Carpe Diem carved on his wrist to bring about a positive influence in his life.
The red birds carrying the Carpe Diem message teach us that life is all about living fully in present. Created in funky font, Carpe Diem has a playful touch that goes well with what the phrase represents.
Carpe Diem created in calligraphic font on the inner arm makes for an elegant tattoo design.
Sharp and pointed coupled with swords, this Carpe Diem tattoo steals the show with its unique display. The stars symbolizing ambition and Carpe Diem providing the way out to achieve that ambition create a fantastic piece.
Carpe Diem is all about living in present and making the best out of it just like the butterflies. Musical notations and heart carved along with the phrase stand for the beauty of living in today. Every action of a person must be oriented towards making the most of each opportunity that we get. Carved on ribs in a running handwriting font, this tattoo displays a cool and breezy touch. Flying birds along with the phrase present a hopeful picture that is also the essence of the phrase. The soldier shows his Carpe Diem tattoo with pride carved on the inside of his forearm in bold font.
Pretty just like the girl, the Carpe Diem tattoo has a cute touch that would make your life beautiful if followed in right spirit. Invest your energy and action in today and the best fruit shall be yours, this is the message of the tattoo. Walk with a spring in you steps and grab the opportunities bang on, this is what the feet tattoo suggests.
Edgy font brings out the spirit of Carpe Diem in best possible manner and also looks quite attractive.

The precious phrase surely deserves to be framed and the girl got that done exactly on her back. This man with the Carpe Diem tattoo on his arm lives by the cool philosophy and therefore wears it on his sleeve.
Carpe Diem with swallows symbolizes the flying spirit that lets you rise above expectations and soar high in the sky of opportunities. Created in a cool font, this tattoo inspires you to seize the opportunity and life happily in present. Take your steps wisely in present and capitalize on every opportunity you get, this is the thought behind Carpe Diem.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Find some idea for bicep name tattoo in our gallery before making your next, or first, tattoo. Halved hearts and a pattern of many symbols makes a great arm tattoo design for two friends.
If your friend and you both want to show your love for your pets, get matching paw print tattoos.
Women prefer stomach tattoos because it is attractive and a unique design makes it graceful and stylish. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Carpe Diem tattoos have been known to wield positive influence and therefore, the liking and craze for the same is growing. If your friend and you share a love for music you can get music themed tattoos to make your musical bond even stronger. If you are planning to get your stomach inked, and looking for the best designs, you will surely be happy to see the list of 25 stomach tattoos for women.
However, human nature is such that it cannot get over its worries and doubts and keeps thinking as to what future has in store. Bicep tattoo is not very visible and easy to hide, but also perfectly presentable when needed. When friends are around everything is fun, and even when you feel down, you know sunshine is just around the corner.
Script tattoos with a halved heart for each of you can show how much you belong to each other. You can also get your friend’s face inked on your body to keep her memories with you forever. So, check out the creative and attractive pictures of 25 stomach tattoos for women and enjoy. There is a famous Latin phrase that goes by the name of Carpe Diem and gives out a similar message. You can also have a color-coordinated pair of tattoos expressing your feelings for each other. The earliest settlers in the US are well known for their symbolic tattoos that they still identify with till today. The Native Americans were deeply spiritual and the ancient tribal tattooing was often done as a part of religious practice.

It makes a colorful, one of a kind motif that incorporates spider webs, beads and feathers into an intricate and meaningful design pattern. The best part is that a dreamcatcher tattoo has no particular pattern that it follows so it can be created in a multitude of different ways. However, the dreamcatcher is far from being the only Native American tattoo design that has become popular throughout the years in all different cultures.The symbols of Native American tattoo design may differ from one tribe to another, where different tribes were identified by different Native American tattoos.
In some instances after winning a war, the winners would be tattooed as a symbol signifying victory.One of the common Native American tattoo designs is the dream catcher which was originally used on the children of the tribes.
Having such a tattoo means that you identify with the character and meaning of the animal.Native American tattoo symbols vary in meaning from one tribe to another and across the culture groups in North America.
The Native American tattoo below is large enough covering the entire arm and it looks quite eye-catching.Native American tattoos also have spiritual or mystical meanings to those who wear them. Hunting and gathering was a part of daily living for all tribe members, making anything to do with animals and nature an essential part of living for the culture. Today, we honor the culture with a wide range of Native American tattoos that depict the various elements that signify values, culture and pride in the earthly elements around us.The Native Americans were deeply spiritual and would often communicate thoughts dreams and ideas through symbols and signs like the symbol of man used in the Native American tattoo below. The symbol of man gave an indepth illustration of the life of man.The Native American tattoo design below shows a creative combination of man and an eagle.
The eagle is shown like its on flight making the tattoo depict a rich meaning of the eagles attributes and how its incorporated in the life of man.Native American tattoos offer a wide variety of choice in color, design and symbol patterns. Many people that opt for these types of tattoos may also incorporate the earthly elements into their design as well such as water, wind, and fire. The feathers often used are for the red-tailed hawk and the eagle since they are considered as sacred birds.The Native American culture and the Polynesian culture were similar in most of the cases regarding the symbolism and the meaning they gave to the tattoos. There are wide array of designs some even including animals like the bison etc.You can see that the design of the simple dreamcatcher has a couple of feathers and is about 2 inches wide and six inches long. Complete with colorful beads the simple yet detailed design is quite pleasing.The other one that you see here has a circular loop and you can see that it follows the heart shaped design. It is believed that having a dreamcatcher tattoo can protect you from evil and keep you feeling secure.
You can get creative and design your own • Pick the location of the tattoo with care both for cultural considerations and also for the way it will affect your personal and professional lifeNative American tattoos were often done by a Shaman or a designated person within the tribe who was known to be skilled in the art. The tattoos can be worn by both men and women, even those who are not Native Americans.The Native American tattoo below looks spectacular with the colours blended so well. The animals were not only a source of food but also played an integral role in their culture.Fire, water and wind are elements that are also popularly incorporated in the Native American tattoos.
The incorporation of the elements in the tattoo with a blend of different colours creates an eye catching Native American tattoo design that stands out when worn like in the tattoo below.This huge Native American tattoo incorporates almost all the common features used in the Native American tattoo design.
The symbol of the tattoo below can be quite complex given the many features involved in its design.Native American tattoos are gaining popularity world over and not only a preserve for Native Americans.
The tattoo below of a Native American girl and an animal looks stunning and reinforces the deep connection the Native Americans have with animals.This Native American girl tattoo looks immensely beautiful.

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