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A strong woman with a positive attitude, who is proud of her tattoos, and determined to represent the inked community with integrity, is a star in my book. What do you do for a living and how do your co-workers feel about your tattoos?My husband and I own the legendary Texas Body Art.
My right sleeve is my female horror sleeve, it includes Baby (House of 1000 Corpses), Bride of Chucky, Mallory Knox (Natural Born Killers), Stephen King's Christine, and an old German composite doll on my hand. I also have a sugar skull on my left foot and a portrait of myself, posed as a possessed nun. How did you get your unique name: Mizuz Inkaholik?My husband Johnny Jackson's tattoo name is Inkaholik, and our first convention we did together (we had only been dating about two weeks at that time) he tattooed me all weekend long. How long have you been an alternative model?I have been modeling professionally for about five years.What has your favorite photo shoot been thus far?So far, my Day of the Dead shoot has been my favorite. What modeling projects do you have coming up and where can readers see more of Mizuz Inkaholik?Well, I'm doing a shoot next weekend with the beautiful Serena Rose. Do people recognize you often when you are out-and-about?People do recognize me often from the magazine covers that I have done, especially my Savage cover; and also from our tattoo studio, Texas Body Art.
What has being a tattooed woman taught you: about society, yourself, and the idea of beauty?It has taught me confidence, for sure. What ink projects do you have coming up, and with which artists?Well, my husband is working on my back piece and drawing up my rib pieces. What are some of your other loves and hobbies?I love to cook, and I cook every chance I get.

Its always cool to meet people who take what they love in life use that same energy and inspiration on a day to day basis in what they do for a living. What intrigued you about owning that first piece of ink?Oh man, I got my first tattoo at the prime age of 18.
I am a model by trade, and when I am not in front of the lens, you can find me at our studio helping customers or assisting my husband.
I have the bride, the groom, some roses, candles, a skull rose morph, a skull with a snake running through it, and a cupie clown doll on my hand.
How many MI tattoos are there and how does that make you feel knowing that your image is decorating someone's body?It makes me feel so honored that someone would want to immortalize my work (photographs) on their skin. If so, how do you react?I do get the pointers, the people that nudge whoever they are with and say OMG look at that, but that really doesn't bother me. I am so honored to have been given this chance to be inkerviewed by such a lovely person, Jinxi is too amazing for words!!! The rest are small filler places, so it depends on who I run into at a convention or if they guest spot at our studio.I know that your husband is a tattoo artist, so you are both very passionate about the industry. I have a kitty with a mohawk and wings on my chest and a his-and-hers coffin on my collar bone (his has the key, and hers has the key hole).
I do not know how many people have my face on them, but I do know of nine tattoos that I have seen, or people have sent me photos of. Are you involved in his business and do you travel with him often?I help him run the studio, make orders, and handle customer service.

When I'm not doing that I'm loving our Miniature Schnauzers, or on Facebook (I'm addicted).
I have chocolate covered cherries on my neck, and a swallow rose morph on the other side of my neck. I do all of my own editing and this shoot required none, so it was my favorite because it took me 30 minutes to resize and get ready for the web. There will always be the ones that disagree with it, but I'm so glad I have the freedom to do what I want with my body! Children are the greatest because they are so honest in their thoughts and usually out loud. I actually break him down and set him up after and before each tattoo, and I am the only one that does his tubes; it has been that way for years. Beauty is on the inside and I feel like I am a good person on the inside; I just would rather look at the outside.
We only do conventions with each other, and we do every one that we can break away from the studio for.

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