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On Christina’s right shoulder is a woman hanging upside down on the Moulin RougeA windmill. Christina got this tattoo as a symbol of how lucky she is to be able to be herself, especially in the music industry which is known for trying to fit artists into molds. Christina and two friends all got Friday the 13th tattoos from artist Adam Daniel on September 13, 2013. Christina said she felt bad for Philadelphia because of her LA tattoo, but she has a tattoo to represent her hometown as well.
Christina Perri got Christmas tattoo of a bough of holly or mistletoe on her elbow in November 2013. Christina got a quarter on her arm for her 25th birthday to celebrate having lived a quarter century. On her wrist is the logo fromA Jerry Spinelli’s 2000 book Stargirl, which she got in February 2012. Christina has obviously been a Beatles fan for a long time and still cites them as her number one musical influence.
Christina’s chest piece expresses her loves for both her family and her Italian heritage. The ankh symbol on the back of Christina’s neck was her very first tattoo, which she got when she was only 15. On her back is an image of a skull wearing a military helmet.A  Its right eye is covered with an eye patch in the shape of a peace sign. In October 2012 she covered the writing above her Banksy tattoo with something new, though we’re not sure what the old or new writings say.

On Christina’s hip is a tattoo which looks to be a crescent moon, but it is rarely shown. Christina has a penguin on the side of her left hand below her pinkie, which is a matching tattoo. Christina has a small treble clef on her left thumb.A  This is one of two treble clef tattoos on her body and is a symbol of her love for music. Christina and her mother got matching music note tattoos on their feet in December 2013, which was her mother’s first tattoo. A Christina has many tattoos representing her italian heritage including a flag, a map of Italy, and two sayings in Italian. A She was extremely impressed by the work of Kat Von D, who did a large piece on her forearm. A Christina told AOLA “On my shoulder is a painting of a french woman on the Moulin Rouge with armpit hair.
Each friend got a unique design and Christina’s has a number 13 behind held up by a hand with puppet strings like the logo of The Godfather, one of her favorite movies.
A When Lexi died, Christina wrote “rest in peace now, lexi perri, our sweet sweet girl. A Christina got this tattoo when she was only 15 and was attending a Catholic school where she expected the tattoo to be forbidden, but she lucked out through a fortunate mistake. A For all of the tattoos on her arms, Christina’s legs have remained relatively tattoo-free. A Christina’s father was born in Italy and Christina has spent some time in Italy thoughA she was born in America.

It is a tradition that many tattoo parlors offer discounted tattoos on Friday the 13th if the tattoo contains a number thirteen in it.
She connected with the story because sheA read the books when she had just been divorced and was going through a tough time. A The tattoo is a map of Italy in the colors of the Italian flag on top of an American flag. I bet her tattoos look better than what comes out of most of these people’s mouths anyway. A She started mainly with smaller pieces when she was younger but has added some larger ones recently. She also shares a few matching tattoos with family members like the music note on her foot that she got with her mother and the Italian flag design on her ankle which her brother and father also have. You know, like put me in a box and changed my hair and changed my songs and told me to be this way. A Though the tattoos were done over a period of 10 years, part of what gives it a cohesive look is that virtually all of her tattoos are done in black and red ink. A She’s inked her love for both her hometown of Philadelphia and her new home Los Angeles.

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